Pile of gifts under the tree // C1336 red pomegranate jasper bracelet

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The most indispensable thing under the Christmas tree is the pile of large and small gifts. The red and green design symbolizes the most classic atmosphere of Christmas. Take this joy with you!


Pile of gifts under the tree // C1336 red pomegranate jasper bracelet


https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5fcc5160e2156f002967360c/original.jpg?1607225696 The most indispensable thing under the Christmas tree is the pile of large and small gifts. The red and green design symbolizes the most classic atmosphere of Christmas. Take this joy with you! https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5ed7815461fb4500210bdd37/original.png?1591181651 https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5ed78154e93e0f003a269290/original.png?1591181652 ♦Size ♦ Most of the size is about 4mm, the actual product will be slightly different due to the different materials of each batch. ♦Material ♦ Red pomegranate, red sand, jasper, brass https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5ed781542c8e6900395a5ab4/original.png?1591181651 Red pomegranate: Corresponding to the sea chakra, it has full energy stamina, can strengthen vitality, endurance and vitality, can promote blood circulation, improve gynecological diseases, can promote skin regeneration, and has the effect of beauty and beauty. Wearing for a long time will make people feel healthy and active, with sufficient physical energy, emotionally more enthusiastic and gentle, and can increase physical sensitivity and trust in partners, so that the whole body can enjoy the pleasure of skin dating. Garnet is a kind of spar that is most suitable for female friends. Wearing as a body stone can make women have irresistible charm and attract happiness and eternal love. Jasper: Jade contains a variety of minerals necessary for the human body. It is directly in contact with the skin. The minerals in the jade are easily absorbed by the human body. It can supplement a variety of minerals required by the human body, activate cell tissues, improve the body’s immune function, and store vitality. Nurture the spirit. https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5ed7815461fb45004e0bdd51/original.png?1591181651 https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5ed78620d4479200397e7353/original.png?1591182875 ♦When placing an order, choose the actual size closest to the position you want to wear (note: not the total length of the player chain) ♦We will add 1~2 cm (depending on the style) to make the total length of the bracelet according to your actual hand circumference, which is more comfortable to wear. ▹General size: between 14cm~16cm (can be returned within seven days) ▹Special size: below 14cm and above 16cm (no return or exchange for special order) ▹Special size: The hand circumference is less than 13cm (such as children's) or more than 19cm, please do not place an order through the official website, you need to contact customer service separately. ♦Please measure your wrist size carefully. If the size does not fit due to your mistake, you will have to pay for the return shipping. https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5ed786209ca68c0024943fc4/original.png?1591182875 https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5ed78154ea317c004b7eeb31/original.png?1591181652 https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5ed77c8594646b002737501b/original.jpg?1591180420 https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5ed78155d7af73003f8ade92/original.png?1591181652 ♦The most commonly used brass for slow temperature is EU-standard anti-oxidation environmentally friendly brass, which is of good quality, anti-allergic, and not easy to oxidize and turn black. https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5ed781539f3ec70045e35b19/original.png?1591181651 ♦Slow temperature Some accessories will use 14K gold (14KGF for short) as the outer layer of brass, which is mechanically pressed and covered with a thick layer of 14K gold, which is not prone to allergies and oxidation. ▹The above two materials are both anti-oxidation, and the oxidation rate is different depending on the body type (acid and alkali) for normal wear. ▹Slightly oxidized after wearing for about one or two years in normal physique. If it is slightly oxidized, it can be wiped with silver cloth or toothpaste to restore the gloss. ▹It is also possible to touch water (sea water), but you must pay attention to avoid touching chemicals such as perfume and alkaline cleaners. https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5ed78155e7d66500249ae221/original.png?1591181652 https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5ed77c87414ed50045f38a45/original.jpg?1591180422 ♦Crystal is worn to make yourself happy, beautiful, and better. We recommend that you choose your most pleasing style instead of choosing a bracelet for "functionality". ♦No tool or external force knows what you are suitable to wear more than your intuition, unless you intuitively want to choose based on functionality, here is a simple crystal corresponding human body seven-wheel table for reference (from India), For details, please refer to the official website of Slow Temperature. https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5ed79b8d2aa799004e1f8a9a/original.png?1591188363 https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5ed7815408a988002a909199/original.png?1591181652 ♦Ore products are packed in thick crystal bags and slow-temperature paper bags, with complete product after-sales service cards and maintenance instructions. https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5ed77c8608a9880024908fb4/original.jpg?1591180420 ♦Slow temperature gift box packaging can be purchased if there is a gift demand. The old gift box and the new gift box are currently available, and you can purchase them according to your needs. If you place an order for multiple items, please indicate the style to be packaged. ▹Add $130 for the new gift box https://www.pinkoi.com/product/ZuFGx2w7 ▹Add $80 to the old gift box https://www.pinkoi.com/product/19F295DP https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5ed7951994646b00423755f6/original.jpg?1591186711 https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5ed78154d1d12b0024a36684/original.png?1591181652 ♦**How long does it take to arrive:**Products will be made after payment. They will be shipped within 6-9 days. If they are finished early, they will be shipped early. If you need urgent items, you can discuss with us before you can order them. ♦**Message reply:**normal reply time is 11~19:00, and the store will not reply to messages on holidays (Tuesdays and Wednesdays), and will reply in order on the working day ♦**Scope of customization:**this platform, we only provide "customized hand size", and other further customizations (such as rematching, replacing crystals) cannot be ordered here ♦**Whether the actual product is the same as the photo:**impossible for natural ore to have the same color and crystal in every batch of raw materials, especially crystals containing crystals (such as green ghosts, strawberry crystals, titanium crystals, black crystals, etc.) Each one will be different, and each screen has color difference. We will keep it within a reasonable level. However, if you insist on being exactly the same as the photo, please think twice, or go directly to the store to buy it will be more in line with your expectations! ♦**The authenticity of natural stones:**Most of the slow temperature bracelets are natural stones, and a few artificial crystal stones are also used for aesthetics and are marked in the material. The ones specifically introduced in the crystal description are all real natural stones, so please rest assured. ♦**Marking of bead size:**ore is ground into round beads, there will be a slight drop in size (for example, it is marked 6mm but will not buy a batch of materials that are exactly 6mm, and there will be some slight difference), so we do not mark the ore For the size, please refer to the "Slow Temperature Natural Stone" product menu. Each product is classified according to the approximate size, and you can also refer to the actual wearing photos. ♦**Whether the number of bracelets is the same as the photo:**Normally, if you order a general hand circumference, the "several" will be the same, but as mentioned above, the bracelet will be made into a slightly different bead size (for example, sometimes The size of the beads is 6mm, sometimes 6.5mm... etc.), and some slight adjustments will be made at the end when arranging (if each is 0.5mm longer, the total length of the beads must be adjusted at the end to not be too long) , To match the normal bracelet length. ♦Slow temperature ore bracelets are made of**Japanese imported elastic thread**, which is sturdy and durable. Normal use can last for more than one or two years before becoming loose, unless external force is pulled or sometimes the bracelet accumulates too much negative energy to block it. Please feel free to wear it if the wire is broken. https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5ed7815408a9880024909143/original.png?1591181652 https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5ed77c8608a9880048909033/original.jpg?1591180420 https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5ed78154414ed5004bf38c8f/original.png?1591181652 ♦If you have any questions after purchase, please contact us within 7 days, and the complete product and packaging will be returned within 14 days. ♦Non-artificial damage can be repaired for free within one month after the purchase, and repair fees will be charged if it exceeds. ♦Except for defective products, you need to pay for the round-trip freight for exchanges for other reasons. Special customized products cannot be returned. https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5ed78155c6fb040036391267/original.png?1591181652 ♦All slow temperature products have brand tags and warranty cards, and you can enjoy a discounted price of NT$50 (original price $100) to purchase maintenance services (including line replacement and cleaning). ♢Brand tag or warranty card missing one: the original price of NT$100 will be charged ♢None of both: I cannot serve you, please check with the customer service application case to verify that the product is genuine ♢Warranty card replacement fee NT$50 / Brand tag replacement fee NT$50 https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5ed7815461fb4500240bddc2/original.png?1591181651 ♦ Special order products do not provide return or exchange service. If you have any difficulties, please contact customer service. (Special order products are defined as bracelets whose wrist size is not 14~16cm) ♦Except for defective products, please pay for the round-trip shipping fee if you exchange for other reasons. ♦If you have urgent needs or other questions, please contact first before placing an order! **※Be sure to attach the warranty card for any repairs and line changes!** https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5ed7815461fb4500450bde28/original.png?1591181651


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