Customized cloth selection-choose 2 groups of sanitary napkins in preferential zone

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Don’t worry about whether the sanitary napkin is white or black. No more embarrassing sanitary napkin bag, the intimate design does not need to put the cotton tampon in the pocket. ❤️


Customized cloth selection-choose 2 groups of sanitary napkins in preferential zone


/ bubu hand made / **Commodities are produced after the order is placed and the payment is completed. The working time is 1-3 days. Those in urgent need can first inquire whether they are in stock** **Don't worry about whether the sanitary napkin is white or black** ❤️No more embarrassing sanitary napkins, thoughtful design no longer need to stuff cotton tampons in your pockets❤️ Christmas gift limited discount sanitary napkin bag 🎀It is suitable to give gifts to sisters, friends and relatives on special festivals Wedding gifts / birthday gifts / Valentine's Day gifts / exchange gifts / Christmas gifts / New Year gifts / daughters full one year old / sons full moon ❤️As long as it is a happy day, it is a celebration ❤️ Size (there will inevitably be errors when hand-made) About 12cm in length Approximately 11cm in width use Can put sanitary napkins, cosmetics, earphones, charging cables, candy... etc. (Maximum 2 pieces of sanitary napkin 28cm) Material Table cloth: cotton cloth Lining: Plain cotton ❤️This is the Fukubukuro area, choose 2 colors for more discount Just tell the style you want in the remarks column ❤️If you want to purchase separately, the product link is as follows Yellow floral sanitary napkin bag White floral sanitary pad Classic blue sanitary napkin bag Classic yellow sanitary napkin bag Green little tampon bag Pink dot sanitary napkin bag Small square sanitary napkin bag Yellow bubble sanitary napkin bag Polar bears, bacteria people, yellow pigs, more customized fabrics ❤️The store provides fabrics, you can choose the table cloth as you like.❤️ (Please write fabric in the remarks column when placing an order) Dark blue garden→white garden→black and white flowers Pink flower → dark blue flower → light gray flower Dark blue baby elephant→white circle→white small tree→blue-yellow big circle Pink Kitten (Sold Out)→Dark Blue Feather→Pink Bunny→Coffee Flower Beige method→dark gray method Tiffany hedgehog→yellow hedgehog→yellow poached egg Shallow Tiffany Corgi → Tiffany Piglet → Lucky Shiba Inu Off-white a flower→Off-white map→Camouflage bamboo leaves The sky blue is bigger → the dark blue is bigger → the light matcha is bigger Big pink → Big white Pink dots→red dots→dark red dots Light matcha dots → Tiffany green dots → yellow dots → dark blue dots Light gray dots → dark matcha dots → black dots Sky dot → blue dot Light matcha → yellow → milk tea coffee Off-white → dark blue → dark matcha White→Medium Matcha→Tiffany Sky light blue → sky blue → matcha green Pink → taro purple → brick red Color dots → yellow and white bricks The ox turns the universe → the golden ox welcomes the spring Design & Manufacturing Location Taiwan handmade goods


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