1.46 carat chrome green tourmaline ring natural colored gem custom customized

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Main stone: 1.46 carat natural green tourmaline │ material: 925 silver plated white gold │ stone: artificial zircon │ ring circumference: about international ring fence #11 (can be changed once a free)


1.46 carat chrome green tourmaline ring natural colored gem custom customized


**[product information]** ■ Product Name: 1.46 Carat Natural Tourmaline Ring ■ Main stone: natural tourmaline Weight │ about 1.46 carats Size │ about 7.0X8.0mm Color │ chrome green ■ With setting: Material │ 925 silver (white gold plated surface) Matching stone │ artificial zircon Ring circumference │ inner diameter 16.5-16.7mm, about the international ring circumference #11 **[Introduction to Gems]** The birthstone of October, Tourmaline is derived from the Srimalali of the Sinhala language in Sri Lanka, meaning mixed gems, because the tourmaline is one of the few natural gems with a variety of vivid colors. In the 16th century in Brazil, a Spanish conquistador mistaken a bright green tourmaline for emeralds, showing that its color is completely free of precious stones. The tourmaline can swept the Eastern world thanks to the Empress Dowager Cixi, and the various tourmalines are one of the favorite gems of Empress Dowager Cixi. **[Packaging and gifts]** ■ You can modify the ring once for free. ■ Packed in premium velvet jewellery box, the precious atmosphere is suitable for gift giving and rewarding yourself. ■ For your convenience when you go out, you can enjoy a high-sealed zipper bag and a velvet bag pocket. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49089950377_7fd7950fac_c_d.jpg 『The jewelry in the picture is only for indication, not the product.』 **[Ordering Notes]** ■ This item is only one item. Please be sure to ask for a reservation by private message. ■ Shipping time: No need to change the ring │ 2 days to ship If you need to change the ring │ work days 5 days, for example: Monday order, Friday shipment **[Maintenance Tips]** ■ When taking a hot spring, be sure to remove it. ■ When not worn, please put a complimentary high-sealing zipper bag to isolate the air. ■ Use clean water when cleaning, then wipe with a dry cloth. ■ Avoid near high temperatures or violent impacts. **[guarantee and warranty]** ■ Ensure that the main stone is a natural gemstone, otherwise the full refund will be made. ■ Lifetime free warranty metal surface plating. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / handmade **[Jewelry Jewelry]** Showcasing the craftsmanship and taste style of jewellery in a tiny square. Using high-quality natural gemstones, each gem is hand-picked. The standard includes color, gloss, brightness, transparency and clarity. Metal materials use only 18k gold, 14k gold or 925 silver, and all use precious metal plating. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/40945574953_737c65ed85_z_d.jpg **[Bare stone carefully selected Gemstones and Diamonds]** Qualified by the jeweler of the Gemological Institute of the British Gemological Institute, it offers a variety of gems ranging from 30 to 10 carats of diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Share experiences and gem knowledge, answer your questions and give professional advice. **[Customized Service Customization]** Custom-made jewelry, engagement rings and wedding rings. Consider the design of the millimeter, focusing on the overall beauty of the lines and layers. It is built by a staff member with decades of production experience, giving the finished product a perfect wearing effect. Thank you for visiting my store, welcome to the private message to ask any questions, I will be happy to answer you. **【Brand Concept】** "To wear jewelry is to wear confidence and elegance, which makes you beautiful, deep down to your soul" Wear confidence and interpret the definition of beauty Soul means that jewellery is not just a superb decoration. When wearing jewellery, it extends from the way you like to wear jewellery, to the affirmation of yourself, because the self-confidence that becomes more like yourself is the best interpretation of beauty. Deductive.


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