Customizable watercolor book | 300g 32k Santos waterford | Mustard yellow watercolor sketchbook

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Cover 2.5mm thick cardboard line, 32 open size. Do not buy, do not trim, have raw edges and original stamps, do not like to buy.


Customizable watercolor book | 300g 32k Santos waterford | Mustard yellow watercolor sketchbook


* Register for pinkoi via the following invitation link and take the NT30 shopping discount ---------------------------------- **"Before the Moon"** 1. There is no beautiful packaging, use recycled packaging materials, and give time for gifts. 2. Save paper and protect the earth, so you don’t cut the paper and the edges are not. The original watermark may appear randomly on each page. The sewing start point is on the inner page so the cable head. 3. To the friend who cares about the front and back of the watercolor paper, After flipping open, the right-hand page is in any case, anyway, anyway... and so on. The opposite side is the front side, depending on the situation, choose whether to draw the left or right side. 4. If the brand is always in the middle of the page, if you need to draw watercolor and write a pen at the same time, Customized watercolor paper can be ordered at the following address. 5. For other custom-made purchases, please pull down to view them. If necessary, please drop them into the shopping cart to checkout. 6. Don't want the bottom right corner pattern or the back label, just want to note it. 7. Paper products are susceptible to moisture, please keep the environment dry and use as soon as possible. It’s hard to draw watercolor paper for a long time, and the paper is very taboo and not used. Yellowing is not only a waste but also a sacrifice of the trees. 8. Although natural light is taken, there are color differences in computer phones. If you have any questions, please feel free to use your personal information. The shipping content is only watercolor, and does not contain photo props. 9. Handmade no urgent orders, no 24-hour shipment, In particular, when you choose to mail, please reserve time for Mr. Postman, and it will take two or three days for Super Deal. Please use the spot area to purchase urgently. ---------------------------------- **"Equipment Features"** - Low waste design Do not make a butterfly page, and affix paper and label inside to reuse paper. The watercolor paper does not cut the paper edge, and the shipping materials recycle the packaging materials and blank waste paper. - Custom flexibility A variety of items can be changed to find the most suitable moon landing gear for you. Add purchase pattern change Add cover change Plus size change Add purchase watercolor paper change Add purchase frame edge change Plus purchase for square - Children choose I don’t have to draw on the non-absorbent note paper in order to accommodate the beautiful handbook. You can have both a textured cover and a professional watercolor paper. - Light travel A4 size design, the thickest 2.5cm, take away is not a problem. - Different It's not just a handmade book, but a handmade book with a watercolor paper page. ---------------------------------- **Equipment Specifications** According to each product title or custom option. Size: 16k / 32k / 64k Size picture please refer to Total thickness: 190g 2cm / 300g 2.5cm Cover: 25mm gray cardboard 裱贴: fog Shen collection card / grass paper / new baidai paper Decoration: wax line wax thread Number of pages: 24 (no matter whether it is customized or not) Watercolor paper: waterford / arches / Baoding Baohong (medium thick / detailed) Production: Handmade, produced in Taiwan. (watercolor paper from each country of origin) ---------------------------------- **The Origin of Landing** Because I can’t understand the fact that it’s crumpled and water-absorbent on watercolor paper. So I want to make the watercolors of the travelers. This goal is a bit exaggerated, but at least the watercolor paper cover is no longer black red. Or inexplicable watercolors (and we can't paint like that). Although the paper mill will do this for a reason, the four-sided sealant must be relatively flat. But we are willful and want to be an appearance association. We are the moon, welcome to log in. Facebook and home drops are @tothemoonart


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