Chicken Year Gift Box | Golden Dragon Eye Drying + Qinglong Longan Honey |

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Chicken Year Gift Box | Golden Dragon Eye Drying + Qinglong Longan Honey |


About the Pavilion

Tingzai Tingzi is a best-selling shop from Chiang Mai, Thailand for more than 20 years, using local longan varieties and unique longan wood baking technology, so the yield of longan, whether it is color, flesh, aroma and taste, are with Taiwan The difference is different.

We hope that the old brand to create a new face into the small growing hometown - Taiwan. Pavilion home longan no any additives, shell and shelling longan dry, both tea and when the fruit dry snacks, eat only sweet and fragrant. Look forward to the health of delicious longan by different from the previous fresh image, a new generation of hand gift of choice. The combination of the Taiwanese artist group TUAN to draw the design of the illustrations, the future will be introduced from time to time in a variety of exquisite packaging of the season, in line with the different preferences of all ages!

I hope we can savor every one of our top-level gold longan for you.

About pavilion honey

Pavilion honey Tingzi from Thailand, a small village in Chiang Mai, the local unique geographical environment, coupled with three decades of beekeeping technology, so the output of longan honey, whether it is crystal clear amber color or lips and fragrance of mellow taste, Let the pavilion from childhood for the first time tasted, no longer quit this taste.

Pavilions hope to make Chiang Kai-shek countless good, and even countless best products, brought back to Taiwan to share with you. This time combined with the Taiwanese artist group TUAN to draw the illustrative design, look forward to the natural nutrition and loved by the longan honey, with the most lovely and delicate package presented to each of you.

Product Information |

With shell / large package / 220g x 1 bag
* Provide more moist flesh, after seeding suitable for cooking all kinds of cooking

Peeled seed / small package / 110g x 1 pack
* With golden color, easy to eat directly when the snack or eat with tea

Longan honey / 360g x 1 cans
* With a bright and translucent amber color, lips and teeth fragrant mellow taste

Year of the Year gift box / price of 880 yuan
* 1 large package with shells longan + 1 small packet of shelling seeded longan + 1 big cans longan honey

Packaging Options |

We specially designed a unique and lovely illustrator, printed on the packaging, with the illustrator "Tanan" of Taiwan.

Gift box cover / in response to this year's Lunar New Year, in particular the introduction of the chicken as the theme of the gift box, a girdle two visual experience, cover the back cover let everyone like.

Gift box contents / large package with shell and small package to remove the seeds have three kinds of packaging styles, welcome to choose or mix: classic / monkey age limit / monster party
(For example: big package classic + small package monkey years)

* Please indicate your desired packing style or contact us at the time of purchase. If you do not specify it, it will be shipped with random shipment.

Longan eat

Office workers, students or friends who like to make their own drinks, can be longan with red dates to be hot water brewing, you can become convenient and delicious longan jujube tea. If the usual time to catch the time, you can also be accelerated through the thermoset, longan will slowly expand, so that the pulp more full and delicious.

Save mode

* Shell with longan: buy cool and dry place at room temperature to save, as soon as possible Kaifeng consumption, a week after the refrigerator should be placed frozen, eat before the ice can be removed
* Shelling seeded longan: buy after the cool and dry place at room temperature preservation, as soon as possible Kaifeng consumption, a week after the refrigerator placed

Longan honey eat

You can use the cold, warm water, direct drinking, or add the drinks seasoning.

Save mode

Please put it in a cool and dry place at room temperature to avoid direct sunlight
Please ensure that the food without any water, must be completely dry, so as not to deterioration of honey

Origin / manufacturing method

Chiang Mai, Thailand


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