Second-hand vinyl vinyl record collection Eagles Their Greatest Hits Eagles

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Welcome vinyl entry students to buy ~ the transparent cover has been replaced with a new one, the paper cover is a bit older, The boss personally washed them one by one, so most of the vinyl can be heard. The boss has listened carefully to each film. If you have any doubts about the items, please come to the store to listen to it~ Perfectionists, please buy


Second-hand vinyl vinyl record collection Eagles Their Greatest Hits Eagles


Album: Their Greatest Hits Singing: Eagles Record Store: Hezhong Records Publication year: May 1966 Format: 12 inches in diameter, 33⅓ turn, LP format Vinyl grade: G Envelope grade: G Track: Side one 1. "Take It Easy" (from Eagles, 1972) 3:29 2. "Witchy Woman" (from Eagles) 4:10 3. "Lyin' Eyes" (from One of These Nights, 1975) 6:21 4. "Already Gone" (from On the Border, 1974) 4:13 5. "Desperado" (from Desperado, 1973) 3:33 Side two 1. "One of These Nights" (from One of These Nights) 4:51 2. "Tequila Sunrise" (from Desperado) 2:52 3. "Take It to the Limit" (from One of These Nights) 4:48 4. "Peaceful Easy Feeling" (from Eagles) 4:16 5. "Best of My Love" (from On the Border) 4:35 Classification: Vinyl part M (Mint): Brand new unopened NM (Near Mint): There are no skipped stitches in the sound quality, smooth playback, no obvious scratches or wear, and the state is almost new VG (Very Good): Slight scratches, some will cause short-term noise, not more than the music itself, generally still acceptable G (Good): There are more scratches and obvious noise. Sometimes the stitches may be skipped but the playback can be finished. Poor (Poor): The record may be broken, severely deformed, and cannot be played from the beginning to the end. It can be used as a decoration or DIY decoration Cover part: M (Mint): Brand new unopened NM (Near Mint): There are a few stains and creases VG (Very Good): There may be some stains, creases, but still acceptable G (Good): There may be some stains, creases, and serious damage Poor (P), Fair (F) envelopes may be soaked in blisters, or the three sides of the envelope are completely separated so that the record cannot be stored in the envelope. Can be used as decoration or DIY decoration ◈Notice for buyers of old groceries◈ ■ The so-called old items are old items that are more than 10 years old. If there are traces of use of the jewelry, it is normal, because old items are full of age! ■ Please do not treat old items with the standard of buying brand-new products. If you mind the traces of use or if others have used them, please buy brand-new products ■ The boss’s photography skills are too good, and a bit more serious will be too beautiful, so if you are worried about the actual product and the photo will be wrong, you can private message, the boss will not light up and take a picture of you with a bad phone to let you see clearly The true face of the product. ■The boss is very insulting, so he will try his best to clearly write all the current status of the goods in the store. Special traces of damage will also be written out. Please read carefully before buying and check the photos of the goods, but it is inevitable that there will be mistakes in your work. If you are particularly concerned, you are welcome to use private messages to ask the boss for the parts that the boss did not mention. The boss will patiently answer the status of your products one by one. ■Old groceries sold are not refundable


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