SIMPLE RULES--Sweet Home--Russian Children's Board Game - Strengthen STEAM Education

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Do you know what kind of animals live in the forest? What kind of animals will appear in the swamp? What did the farmer



SIMPLE RULES--Sweet Home--Russian Children's Board Game - Strengthen STEAM Education


[Name] SIMPLE RULES Sweet Home OPSH1601 [Material] Paper [Place of Origin] Russia [Content] Original brand box, 4 scene cards, 24 animal cards, game manual [Applicable age] 1.5 years old or older Game goal: Through the game and children's introduction, we live around the animals and nature landscapes. Parents describe their views on nature and teach children to identify their hometown. In the game, you can notice the ability of children to recognize cognition and find that children are looking for similarities in learning. With the same difference, children can also draw aesthetic colors from the eyes through the pattern of cards. Games start: Basic gameplay: Assign 4 scene cards to each player, and the host takes out a small animal card from the box. The player's goal is to recognize all the animals on their scene card. The host will take out the animal card in the box in order, (this can be used to tell the story). All players need to identify whether the animal's small card in the host's hand is also present in their own scene, and if so, can tell the host and place it on their own scene. * This game can be used for storytelling props and for children to play through the game. Advanced Gameplay A: There are several advantages to matching games: Children can learn the appearance and name of animals during the game, guiding them to make animal sounds and imitating behaviors. Even instead of showing animals cards to children, it is better to imitate the sounds of animals and let them guess the cards of animals in your hand! (Children can be hosts). Advanced play B: Set up 4 scene cards and all animal cards. The host simply stated the characteristics of the animal and let all players quickly say the name of the animal. For example: Please find a horned animal (reindeer) in the scene. Please find an animal (goat) with a horn on its head and a hairy body. Answer the correct player, then place the animal card on your own scene or the host will give the card the first answer. game over: The game ends when the host has no new cards. Warnings and precautions: ★ Do not put the small parts in the product in the mouth to avoid accidental eating or picking up. ★ Toys must not be exposed to fire. ★If the product is unpacked, used, soiled or improperly used, it will not be returned. ★Preservation method: Do not place in places with high temperature, humidity or direct sunlight. ★ Please use under the supervision of an adult. It is not suitable for children under 2 years old. Origin / manufacturing methods Origin Russia original design illustration


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