Golden Silk Jade Bracelet 53MM Sheep Fat Kunlun White Jade Fairy Bracelet Oily Belt Certificate Fashion and Elegant Quality

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The texture is exquisite, white, radiant, warm and moist. The ancient craftsmanship is artificially polished to highlight the unique charm of the jade bracelet. It is placed on the slender wrist to highlight the feminine temperament. Inner diameter 53mm Width 13.2mm Thickness 8.9mm Weight 46g Pay attention to the store gift voucher!


Golden Silk Jade Bracelet 53MM Sheep Fat Kunlun White Jade Fairy Bracelet Oily Belt Certificate Fashion and Elegant Quality

商品説明 **< Product Description>** ➲ The texture is fine and white, bright and warm. Inheriting the ancient craftsmanship, the unique charm of the jade bracelet is revealed by manual polishing. Placed on the slender wrist, it highlights the feminine temperament that is gentle and not agile. ➲ Can be used as a perfect gift for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, birthday, engagement, graduation ceremony, to the bride, bridesmaid or any woman, teenager, adult, daughter, granddaughter, girlfriend, wife, fiancee or that special lady . **〈Bracelet parameters〉** ➲ Inner diameter: 53mm ➲ Width: 13.2mm ➲ Thickness: 8.9mm ➲ Weight: 46g ➲ Make sure you measure the size correctly near the knuckles and not on the wrist. Using auxiliary tools such as hand cream or soap will help wear. ➲ Other golden silk jade styles **〈Notice Before You Buy〉** ► Handle the bracelet carefully to avoid breaking. The bracelet is made of solid gems and will be damaged if dropped. Do not expose the bracelet to extreme temperature changes (such as hot water). ► Each photo is taken in kind, with one picture and one picture to minimize the gap between the real thing and the picture. However, due to factors such as shooting technology, display, light, environment, etc., there may be a slight deviation. Please try to refer to the physical effect shown by each photo at different angles. In the end, please refer to the actual product received. ► Natural materials are not flawless. The slight natural traces such as cotton wool, water lines, and mine pits inside are all gifts from nature, so please be careful when you shoot. ► Please store the jewelry out of the reach of children and pets to avoid suffocation or other injuries caused by accidental swallowing. ► After receiving the item, whether it is any questions about the product or the service, please contact us first, there are solutions to everything, don't accept the goods with regret! ► The sale is not a termination, the service has just begun! ! ▂﹏▂﹏▂﹏▂﹏▂﹏▂﹏▂﹏▂﹏▂﹏▂﹏▂﹏▂﹏▂﹏▂﹏▂▏▂▂▂﹂▂﹂▂﹂▂﹏▂﹏ **✾『Brand Story』** Wanzamgok is an original designer brand focusing on jewelry design. From the day of creation, we have been practicing our glorious mission every day-innovating, exploring, and pursuing bright and beautiful fashion design. Incorporate classical aesthetics and exquisite craftsmanship. It embodies women's brilliant dreams and tireless pursuit of fashion. ═══════════════════════════════════════════ **✾『Customized Service』** **Design your own jewelry** Different people have different preferences for jewelry. If you have your own ideas about jewelry but can’t find a satisfactory finished product, our studio can mention For a rich collection. Send us the picture of the jewelry you want, and we can quote you. ═══════════════════════════════════════════ ✾Quality is everything we pursue. ✾Thank you for visiting our store!