Heavenly Eyes - 8F Frameless Paintings

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When the two are united, they open up the heavenly eyes and receive the richness that they have.



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Heavenly Eyes - 8F Frameless Paintings


*Product specification: 45.5 x 38 cm
**Send: This item size does not apply 7-11 and the whole family shop to the shop, only mailing and delivery!**

Creative concept:
Genesis 1:28 And God blessed them and said to them, “Many shall be raised, all over the earth, and over this land, and over the sea, the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and the living creatures of every action on the earth.”

Marriage and family are God's beautiful plans. The warmth we give us is the place where we grow up and where we live. Our home is formed by love. Only a loving marriage can bring out loving families.

In the eyes of the heavens, the red fish represents the hostess of the family, and the blue fish represents the owner of the family. When we face the various problems in life, it is inevitable that there will be conflicts. At this time, we must look intently. God, learning to look at things with God's vision, does not unite with one's own blood to receive the beautiful blessings of God from the family and receive heavenly abundance.

*product features:
Muen Art Design's decorative paintings are all made from real canvas cotton textures and printed on canvas with exquisite digital color printing technology. With high-quality frameless wood panels, the screens are rich in color, bright and lightweight, and the hanging wall has no burden. Let you easily have a unique life art, you can also give gifts, so that God's words (paintings) become a blessing in every home, the current decorative paintings have sketches, frameless paintings, large frameless paintings, plain wood frame paintings and gorgeous metal texture There are frame paintings. In addition, Muen Art's cultural and creative art design, each product design inspiration, is because the "Mu" bath in the God's love and "engraved" grace brought out of the good; a scripture, brought out a moving, achievement A creation, and projects the ideas from God into the creation of the product, so that behind each image is a story of dialogue with God. God's love is so long and deep that it can't be said in words. Munn Literature and Art is transmitted through meticulous paintings. People's hearts can be warmed, God's love and protection can truly be felt, Munn's original gospel Christ gifts can be delivered, and love and love can be transmitted. Blessing is our goal. It is not only a good-looking and practical thing, but also a blessing full of temperature.

* Material: Canvas Original Frame
* Origin: Taiwan
*Manufacturing method: hand-painted & printed & hand-made
* Note: Be careful when hanging the hanger. When cleaning, wipe it with a dry cloth. Do not wipe it with a damp cloth.


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