Short medium-sized dual-purpose woven basket (50/50 grass green)

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The hand-woven basket made by Finnish design and Kenya is refreshing and generous. It can be used as a storage basket or as a storage basket.


Short medium-sized dual-purpose woven basket (50/50 grass green)


The origin of mifuko is very simple. The two Finnish girls who designed the design combine modern Finnish design with Kenyan traditional weaving techniques, using simple design and African-style full color to produce household items that are suitable for the public. This is Mifuko. The origin of the. However, these two girls did not stop here. While developing the brand, they brought a deeper idea in the process of design and production, so that Mifuko should be more deeply remembered behind the colorful woven bags. Reasons to be cherished. Hand-knit is a common sideline for Kenyan women. The common sales channel is the local sightseeing market. Mifuko is working with women's self-help clubs in remote villages to organize their management in accordance with the principle of fair trade. Handicrafts to ensure their employment opportunities and income. In the sales pipeline established by the brand of mifuko, the sales of these handicrafts are more secure and profitable, and producers can get higher rewards than selling in local sightseeing markets. Mifuko also gives the producer a name on each finished work, whether it is a basket or a trinkets, it is endowed with vitality, and the buyer and the creator are connected. The cooperation between European and American brands and third world countries is no longer news. Every time you visit a design-related exhibition, you can see many exotic home accessories, but many of them always look deliberate. Mifuko's woven basket does not deliberately emphasize the African style. It is simple and generous, suitable for daily use, and reasonably priced. It is a daily necessities that has not been deliberately packaged. The material uses recycled plastic and locally grown sisal, which contributes to environmental sustainability. It doesn't matter if the plastic material touches the water. It can be dried or dried directly. It can be used as a storage basket or as a flower. It has high durability and is not easy to break. The short woven basket can be used as an outing bag. The refreshing feeling makes you want to bring out the door every day. The large-capacity design can be put into the required items, and it is beautiful and beautiful. It can also be used as a storage basket at home, which is light and practical. Product Information Origin: Finnish design, Kenya production Material: recycled plastic, sisal Specifications: including handle height of about 33cm (all hand-made woven basket size is slightly different)


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