Rice Communication no.1 Ilan

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“泔”, the rice soup floating on the white porridge, the first rice that the baby was fed with milk, and the starting poin


Rice Communication no.1 Ilan


〗 〖Editor's words
"Have a good meal," I always put this on my lips this year, and I am tempted and missed by a good friend. Thinking about it, it should also work. The most basic thing to eat is non-million. In these years of food work, there was nothing more than rice. Looking beyond the millennia of history, it's very difficult to stop watching. Where do you do? How to do it? However, I really do not want to disturb myself. From small to large, three meals a day, the rice you eat may have tens of millions of grains; the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and you walk right; take a little ground and eat a bit more, from north to south, from the east To the west, there are meters. In Komori's light, there is a line saying: "Rice grows as you listen to the footsteps of people." I also wanted to develop rice foodism that belongs to our generation so that I can sleep at night and dream in the daytime.

Dreams can not be eaten, hands-on only have to eat, so we have to open the rice canteen. The rice eateries are called "am", rice soup floating on white rice porridge, the first rice that the baby is fed with milk, and the starting point of rice. Motherland begins with rice, and each homeland has its own rice and cuisine. So we set out to find rice and cook rice. We learned from every mother I met and harassed people to go to the farmhouse to eat. I dug up the soiled sauce that was left for my family to eat in the farmer’s mother’s refrigerator. It's so good to bother... No way, the local flavor doesn’t count as it’s done.

"Meicomm" started publication. The map is near. The first issue is Ilan. Ilan was rainy, the sunshine was short, and rice was only obtained one year. However, Tuwomifei, self-plowing and self-catering, has a higher awareness of environmental friendliness and also has a rare habit of brewing soy sauce, making bean curd, and pickling. Rooted in the terroir and watered by humanity, food is a life-long, endless content. If you do not finish your visit, it will be too late for you to leave.

The food writing industry always sighs to see that we can't eat. We don't back this business. Even the rice-bearing rice-cooked friends are accompanied by the contents. Three types of rice and three types of cuisine are proposed. The same as Yilan Mi, different varieties, different rice will be. Good taste is subjective, and taste and taste are the methods of comparison after subjectively setting value parameters. However, we are looking forward to understanding more and adapting Shimizu to sort out the good ideas that belong to ourselves from the perspective of diversity.

Let's have a good meal together.

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