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  • Concept:
    The world is very big, the dream is very far away, when I fly too long, you call the gentle call to remind me to remember to stop and rest, because I know you at home waiting for me, even if the flight alone will not feel lonely ; If life is like a winding clock on the non-stop, home is the clock on behalf of the whole point of the scale, always waiting in a place, let me recede tired after starting again.
    It's a big world out there. Flying alone chasing my dreams, your gentle talk remind me to take a moment to rest. Knowing that you are home waiting for me helps me overcome the loneliness that I feel when I am out there by myself. If Life is an analog clock, home will be the dials on the clock face. They are always there to remind you to rewind for another day.

    We all like the cuckoo clock when the whole point of surprise, but the traditional cuckoo clock only one bird diligent newspaper time, so that we can not help but feel some lonely, haoshi design to two birds the way the whole point of meeting, let She had a companion, time more sweet and hope.
    We're like the surprise when the cuckoo clock strikes on each hour. In traditional models, cuckoo clocks have only one diligent bird to tell time, which in our opinion is a little lonely. Haoshi designs cuckoo clock comes with two birds, meeting on each Hour, so they can keep each other company.

    feature of product:
    • This cuckoo clock is sounded for a sweet natural bird, so every hour is like two birds meeting. Through the simple set, the first time every day for the morning 6:00, the last time for 10 pm, so you have a quiet sleep.
    • Press the SET button on the control panel according to the number of times of pressing the local time and control the schedule to complete the sound device setting

    Product specifications
    Size: 100mm (W) X 125mm (D) X 220mm (H)
    Material: resin / movement
    Specifications: pink (total of six colors)
    Origin / Manufacturing: Taiwan / Handmade
    ○ This product comes with anti-collision box

    Please load the general No. 2 C-type carbon-zinc battery can be 3. Do not use alkaline batteries to avoid damage to the movement. (Product does not contain battery)

    Installation Notes:
    Cockoo Clock Installation (Home)
    1. Set the time and sound settings by pressing the operating instructions.
    Follow the instruction of clock movement to set time and sound
    2. Lock the screws in the wall mounting position.
    Fix the screw on the wall
    3. hang up to adjust the time for the cuckoo clock.
    Hang the cuckoo clock on the wall (remember to set the time and sound first).
    4. Install the paper card without the gap floating on the left side of the tree house, so that the bottom of the paper card below the border level of the lower house.
    Put the installation chart on the left side of the clock, let the bottom edge of chart align to the foot level of the trunk edge.
    5. Draw a hole in the bird attached to the paper.
    Use pencil to mark the mounting hole according to the installation chart
    6. Remove the mounting paper card, tear the bird's back strip, and attach the bird to the wall to complete the installation.
    Remove the installation chart and tear off the 3M adhesive tape of back of the bird. Attach the bird on the wall to complete the installation.

    ※ Please note that please press for 30 seconds to strengthen the adhesive
    ※ Press the SET button on the control panel according to the local time, press the pressing number of the table, and complete the sound device setting
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Cuckoo Clock-Home Cuckoo Clock _ Home _ Color Edition / Pink

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