Elegant woman series - brass pearl green agate bracelet (guest system) / brass / bracelet / accessories

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Elegant woman series - brass pearl green agate bracelet (guest system) / brass / bracelet / accessories


<Design concept>

Elegant retro color,

Gentle rounded pearls,

To bring out the female hand lines,

Make her more charming and dazzling.

............ Please read the following information and design museum trade policy before buying.

<Product size, size>

Chain length 17cm (buckle is 0.8cm)
Width of 0.8cm
ps below for the custom size table look

<Passenger hand circumference size table>
The following is the length of the chain without the front and rear buckle

Size (cm) A Wrist Wai

XS 14-15
S 15-16
M 16-17
L 17-18
XL 18-19
ps If there is no foot measure at home, you can cut the paper into a long strip, around the hand, you can replace the tape! Check the note to turn the note to see if it is too tight or too loose.

"Commodity material"

Brass, plated alloy metal, freshwater pearls, green agate stone

ps natural freshwater pearls each one is unique, so the shape is different Oh!

<Maintenance of small knowledge and use of the way

Brass this material and silver or k gold material is different and charming place is its color will wear with the slowly deepened, that is, the so-called bronze!

How to maintain is a very important part of the ring, (not only the need for good maintenance of brass jewelry, other materials, jewelry also need you to protect, but the maintenance of different ways, good maintenance can get along with it for a long time Oh)

Brass itself will be used in different ways (ex: sweating, humid environment) and chemical substances (ex: hand cream, cosmetics, skin care products, sunscreen, perfume, bleach, strong deep detergent) And the oxidation of the situation, the color will gradually become darker, it is recommended not to take a bath and long contact with chemical substances, in order to avoid excessive wear and tear can not be restored. Normal oxidation conditions will only make the brass color dull no golden luster, such as exposure to chemical products, excessive erosion can not be restored to the original golden, but will turn the situation of red copper. So do not wear when the need to clip the package bag.

Electroplating alloy material oxidation rate slower than brass, but long-term wear caused by the fading oxidation can not be restored, it is recommended to avoid contact with water and chemical substances.

You can use alcohol to wipe, the jewelry on the residual grease and chemical products to clear, clear it after the need to put it in the folder chain bag or seal, this action is to prevent if the jewelry has residual grease and chemical If the food is not clean, it will continue to oxidize the color change in the folder bag! Do not wear it when it is placed in the folder chain bag or sealed to save, because the external air contains water vapor, will lead to yellow Copper color change Oh!

When the oxidation becomes black, the method is as follows:
1. You can use silver cloth / wiping cloth, gently rub the surface of jewelry can be
2. Dip a lot of toothpaste with a toothbrush, light brush jewelry surface can be
3. Can be dipped in the amount of copper oil wipe maintenance

You can restore the brass luster!

The above hope can help to you! Do not know when the private message can also ask Oh!
Thank you
Origin / manufacturing method
Origin of Taiwan handmade


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