UB Foot Algae Bath Mat - Geometric Pattern

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feature of product Exclusive patent - The diatomite products only achieve micro-holes, UB patented technology raises th


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UB Foot Algae Bath Mat - Geometric Pattern


feature of product

Exclusive patent - The diatomite products only achieve micro-holes, UB patented technology raises the holes to the nano level, provides more powerful water absorption and humidity adjustment, won the NANO TECH International Award
Exclusive Patent - Diatomaceous earth products can only absorb odors, UB technology can also degrade odors in addition to absorption
Effectively inhibit mycelial growth and fleas propagation – Tested and certified by Japanese national standard JIS regulations
Compared with other diatomaceous earth products, UB Algae Land Mat has the lightest weight, the highest weight resistance, the strongest water absorption, and can decompose the odor.
100% Made in Japan - Made in Japan Diatomaceous Earth, from the raw materials to the production process are all Japanese quality assurance


Product specifications

Material: diatomaceous earth
Origin: Japan
Mat size: 575×425×9 mm
Mat weight: 1.8kg
※Products are personal hygiene products, no return service will be provided after unpacking
※ Do not knock and hit to avoid damage to the goods

Instructions for use

Please use the pattern surface upwards.
The “UB Foot Acetate Water Absorbing Mattress Pad” is a normal phenomenon due to the use of natural materials. If there is uneven color, spotted appearance or slight scratches, and the product size varies slightly due to the manufacturing process of different lines, it is normal. However, this phenomenon does not affect the water absorption performance of this product. Please use it with confidence.
After opening, use a wrung and damp cloth to wipe the fine powder attached to the product.
Since the sebum contained in the body itself will cause the product to lose its water absorption effect, please perform regular maintenance according to the product usage.
During maintenance, wipe the sponge or soft cloth with warm or cold water and wipe the entire product, and stand on the wall to accelerate drying.
When the surface of the product is unable to absorb water or the water absorption is very poor, please allow the product to absorb enough water, then wipe it with a sponge that is dampened with general cleaning fluid bubbles several times, and then rinse the components thoroughly with clean water.

Do not place this product in a bathroom, etc. Water will be used in direct contact with the product. It is advisable to use it outside the changing room or outside of the above-mentioned places.
In order to avoid deformation of the product, please avoid a, place the product in direct sunlight, use electrical appliances such as heating or hair dryer to accelerate drying.
If the surface of the product is not clean due to impurities, and the product is continuously used, the product may be deformed. Please refer to the product cleaning method below and perform regular maintenance to prevent the foregoing.
After using the product, please stand beside the wall to facilitate accelerated drying. In addition, when air-drying, please take care not to let the product slip and cause damage.
Do not place this product on a soft floor or material or on uneven surfaces.
The use of the contact surface of the "UB Fast Algae Absorbent Mat" in an unstable condition can cause damage to the product itself.
Please use this product on hard floor. If the floor material itself is slippery, please purchase a thin anti-slip pad for use with this product.
Purchase Notes

Product Information
1. The color of the product may vary slightly depending on the shooting. Actually, the shipment is mainly based on the manufacturer.
2. The merchandise situation is used for illustration. Only the main part of the merchandise does not contain other accessories. Please use the content content as the main content.
Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Japan
Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Japan


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