Cool Elegance Freshwater Pearl Sterling Silver Leather Bracelet

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With a handsome leather rope and a soft, fresh water pearl, this unique bracelet is made.


Cool Elegance Freshwater Pearl Sterling Silver Leather Bracelet


*Sold only for sale!
In the color you like, choose a leather rope, a pearl, and tailor your own gift. Wearing the elements you like is of great significance. The silver buckle is easy to put on and take off, and the leather cord is comfortable and easy to wear every day.
Leather rope color: white, black, powder, navy blue
The color of the leather cord is specially made by the manufacturer, and it is pearlescent and looks more textured.
Pearl color: white, gold, purple

Silver buckle: 925 sterling silver
Pearl: Natural Freshwater Pearl (White, Gold, Purple)
Leather rope: pearly real cowhide (white, powder, navy, black)

Bracelet: There are four sizes. Please choose the appropriate size according to the thickness of your wrist. If there is a size error after sending, I am sorry to pay for the return shipping.
XS-16 cm Skeleton small and slender girl
S-17.5 cm generally lean girl
M-19 cm average girls, thinner boys
L-20.5 cm More handsome boys
Pearl: 8-10mm in diameter

1. This design is lively, so the pearl is not perfect, there will be some ambiguity, as shown in the photo, please refer to confirm whether you can accept it!
2. The natural pearl color is very layered. The color will be different under different lights. Try to take pictures under different lights in the photo, please refer to it!

[Maintenance method]
Sterling silver buckle:
1. Silver jewelry is always worn, don't put it in the jewelry box all day long! Because the body's oil will form a protective film on the silver, it is not easy to oxidize, but also emits a warm luster.
2. Silver ornaments will inevitably become oxidized and dull. It is recommended to use a finger or a soft cloth or a toothbrush to soak the baking soda powder. After dry brushing or wiping on the silver chain, wash it with clean water to restore the light! PS baking soda powder will be attached to the box!
3. Avoid wearing silver jewelry to the hot spring area. Sulfides in air and spring water will vulcanize with silver and produce dark spots on the surface.

Natural freshwater pearls:
1. The pearl is low in hardness and can be scratched with other accessories. However, if the real pearl is scratched and gently wiped off by hand, the scratch will be invisible and the surface will be as smooth as new.
2. Do not wear pearl products when bathing, swimming, hot springs, or playing with water at the beach. The chemical composition of the water may cause discoloration of the pearls and damage to the pearls.
3. The main component of the pearl is calcium carbonate and a small amount of water. The storage environment should be avoided in a high temperature and dry environment to avoid damage to the pearl skin.
4. Pearls need fresh air and a certain amount of moisture. It is best to wear them every few months to let them breathe.

[Place of Origin / Manufacturing Method]
Taiwan handmade


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