Bigman Taipa [Greek mythology] Sunstone × citrine double circle bracelet [Tianhou] Sheila Hera

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In Greek mythology, "Herald" Hera Hera is the queen of the gods. Her name is "Grandfather", "Mother/Female Ruler" and "Noble Woman" in ancient Greek.



Bigman Taipa [Greek mythology] Sunstone × citrine double circle bracelet [Tianhou] Sheila Hera


[Material] 925 sterling silver / titanium crystal / citrine / sun stone / pearl / Tianhe stone / red agate / cordierite [natural stone size] flat citrine 1.3cmX1cm other natural stone 6mm~4mm [Elliptical card] sterling silver plated yellow k gold, can be knocked on up to 3 fonts on one or both sides, can knock English / number / specific pattern ~ Font is not optional [Chain length] There are options to choose ~ to measure your actual hand circumference when you place your order, each natural stone thickness is different, we will Your actual hand circumference evaluation plus 0.5cm~1cm production [Products are attached] packing box / handbag / guarantee card / small silver cloth Goods are available after-sales service! **The pictures in the library are all taken in real time, but because of the different conditions of each computer monitor, so much so that the photos and objects are somewhat colored.** **Poor, so the color of the product is subject to the actual product.** -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- [Titanium crystal] Titanium crystal in Feng Shui: often symbolizes great auspiciousness, wealth, such as the blessing of the gods, has a very high status, and is recognized as the six main energy for the main wealth, partial wealth, popularity, evil, health, anti-small people. Wearing in the left hand has the effect of inviting and assisting. For example, the effect of titanium crystal is to recruit positive wealth. For those who are indecisive, hesitant, and lack of opinion, they have the ability to strengthen their decisive decision-making power, and increase the power of courage, but also stimulate personal courage, discouragement and pattern. Wearing the right hand has the effect of taking the disease. **Corresponding to the sun gear, the output is scarce and the magnetic field is extremely strong.** 【Citrine】 The Lord is the fortune, known as the "stone of wealth" and "stone of wealth." Wearing citrine jewelry can be found unexpectedly Finance, and citrine corresponds to the sun wheel of the human body, which has certain help to the digestive system of the stomach. Always wear yellow water Crystal will protect your body from foreign substances while you are lucky. 【堇青石】 The dichroism has a harmonious effect on "rationality" and "spirituality", and the energy is quite stable. In addition to being able to make money and increase popularity, it has a magnetic field that increases leadership energy, and has the ability to do things. Confidence and management skills will be improved, able to dominate themselves, stabilize the mind, and gain the power to believe in yourself. 【Onyx】 Red agate is one of the most effective gemstones (digestive system, stomach pain), which balances positive and negative energy and eliminates stress and stress. Maintaining harmony between body and mind, enhancing love and loyalty, and at the same time, it has the effect of inspiring courage and making people's confidence and courage. It is also suitable for those who are weak or sick, or who have just recovered. [Tianhe Stone] Tianhe Stone is a gem of confidence. Western mysterious legend, green and blue Tianhe stone, with luck, speculation, and danger The energy helps to get rid of the negative energy, not to think about everything in the wrong place, to prevent the people from giving up on themselves. Those who are hesitant about everything can help them make up their minds, increase their intentions, and achieve their goals. 【Sun Stone】 The vitality and vitality of the sun. Corresponding to the sun wheel, the main favors of wealth, can become the focus of everyone, strengthen cohesion, help interpersonal relationships and work career. Exudes powerful life energy, improves health and enhances vitality and strength. It can drive away dark thoughts and pessimism, and bring correct positive ideas. In terms of health, sun stone can improve gastrointestinal problems. It has a strong radioactive energy that can be used to ward off evil and block the invasion of external negative energy. ------------------------------------------- **Natural ore cannot be the same color and crystal, especially crystals containing crystals.** **(such as green ghost, strawberry crystal, titanium crystal, black crystal, etc.) each one will be different!** ★ 925 sterling silver is not easy to be allergic to the quality of wearing a bath, generally normal wear depends on the body (acid and alkali) different oxidation speeds are also different, silver decoration oxidation After turning black, you can use toothpaste / silver wash / silver cloth to clean and repair, you can restore the silver white and easy to maintain. ★When the bracelet is finished, we will first put it in the crystal cave and then send it out. Remember to degauss the crystal regularly, and the degaussing method is very much. Can be soaked in natural brine purification ~ crystal cave purification ~ temple furnace purification ~ can also be online. -------------------------------------------------- ------- Maintenance method It is normal for sterling silver jewelry to oxidize and blacken in the air. Can be stored in the included box when not worn. The contact between the jewelry and the air prevents oxidation of the jewelry of pure silver. You can also use the maintenance of small things - silver water / silver cloth, Let the jewelry maintain a bright luster. -------------------------------------------------- ------------- How to use small things Pure silver oxidized black maintenance as long as a soft toothbrush After a little bit of toothpaste and a light brush, rinse it to restore its luster. Dry the jewelry or dry it with a hair dryer Can be used with a silver cloth to make the silver shine, like a new silver cloth For the maintenance of jewelry for weekdays, wipe the metal surface Silver cloth For the maintenance of jewelry for weekdays, wipe the metal surface *When the silver cloth is a maintenance cloth that contains easy maintenance, do not wash it with water. Cloth black is normal, until the jewelry is not bright and then discarded directly. Do not wipe the surface of the semi-precious stone with a silver cloth. If it is rubbed for a long time, the surface of the semi-precious stone will be scratched or fogged. * Silver wash water 1. Put the silverware in the silver wash water and dip it for 3 to 5 seconds. 2. Take out the jewelry from the silver wash water and rinse it with plenty of water. 3. Dry the jewelry or dry it with a hair dryer 4. Can be used with silver cloth to make the silver decoration shine, like new *Remember*vintage black jewelry do not dip into the wash water, otherwise the retro black will become the original silver 喔! Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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