Valentine's Day immortality Chinese impression FloralDesign exclusive product

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Origin / manufacturing methods Flowerwood - Mainland China Imports Finished Products - Made in Taiwan Flower radius is


Valentine's Day immortality Chinese impression FloralDesign exclusive product


Online fraud sells inferior eternal flowers. Please be careful. # Eternal Flower # No Wither # Fine # Real Product # Resolute Quality [ gift box delivered to hand] **Essential florist, designer personally produced, non-wholesale finished products sold, real product shooting, firm quality. The color of the eternal flower is not withered. Appearance. The feel is the same as that of a flower. The nature of maintaining the flowers is longer than that of the flowers (usually for 2-3 years, it can be stored for longer without moisture). Each flower is a real flower, the flower shape and posture of each flower will not be exactly the same, the natural volume of rose petals, or some subtle cracks are normal! Each piece of petal and leaves is completed by a pot-making process. Every effort to work hard is a guarantee of the quality of the impression. **Details - S flower radius 4-4.5cm M flowers have a radius of 5-6cm, with more petals Glass with solid wood base, about 21cm high and about 12cm wide Please forgive me for the slight scratches on the glass. Blown through the glass with high transparency, there is no problem with the rough glass on the market. Card - Need to inform, you can write your own, if you need to type on the computer, give us the content you can. **Maintenance- Do not water, touch less, avoid direct sunlight and light will cause the petals to fade, If there is dust on the flowers, use a cold blower to gently blow off the dust, or use a small brush. If the room is wet, do not expose the flowers to the air for too long (too much moisture will cause the petals to become transparent). Although the use of high-moisture resistant, high-quality eternal flower materials, high humidity in Taiwan, it is inevitable that there will be a little oil out of the dye, as long as the wipe can be. Self Collection/Distribution Instructions – ** Picking up address - No. 2, Lane 56, Hulin Street, Xinyi District, Taipei (please tell us if you want to make an appointment for self-collection, otherwise the store will not display such kind of gift) All reservations and shipments will be made in accordance with the order of remittances. Please ask if there is any spot before remittance. ** Black Cat Delivery Service - [NT.230 on the island / NT.280 on the Outer Islands] The payment order is confirmed before 12:00 on that day and can arrive on the next day. Send the Chinese flower ceremony with the leaves falling and the glass damaged. You can tell us within 24 hours that it will be processed and replaced immediately, but no refund will be given. (limited to black cats home delivery) Floral gift is a hand-made custom gift, we choose the logistics company is a very good company with a low rate of damage, but if there is an accident please forgive me, we will ask the logistics company to deal with. [Please use the following steps to return the message to us] 1. Check whether there is any impact mark in the delivery box. 2. Open the box to see if there is any damage to the contents. If there is any damage, take a picture and return it. International Logistics - Damage Without Claims !!! But we will still try our best to ensure the safety of our gifts. Can't accept orders. ** Color Difference - The products are all shots of real products, but the difference of each computer screen will affect the color of the product display. Chromatic aberration will inevitably exist. Buyers who care about color difference please think carefully about the subscript. The store does not accept chromatic aberration or returns inconsistent with the imagination. Commodity problem After receiving the merchandise, please check if there are any defects or send them wrong. If there are any problems with the merchandise, please submit it within seven days from the date of receipt of the merchandise. The photo will be sent to the service mailbox. The customer service staff will reply as soon as possible. Please have the buyer send back the product within 7 days for replacement. If the deadline expires, the buyer will find the problem. It will not be accepted. After the goods are sold, in addition to the defective goods sent to the wrong goods, they do not accept the “different from the imagination, there is color, not practical, buy wrong” and other reasons to return. (The above instructions do not accept do not buy) Origin / manufacturing methods Flower - Japanese imports Finished Products - Made in Taiwan


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