Olive green circle dangling leather earrings l medical steel ear needles can be replaced ear clips l transparent shell

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Olive green circle dangling leather earrings l medical steel ear needles can be replaced ear clips l transparent shell


*Can be changed to ear hook or ear clip type according to needs. *Using thin shell flakes, it is slightly transparent and has a cool summer feeling. *The large and small circles stack up front and back to create a three-dimensional visual effect. *The olive-green skin has a feeling of echoing up and down with the green Indian agate, and there are a little more details on the ear acupuncture. |Size|Approximately 7cm high (including ear hook height) |Material|European imported vegetable tanned leather cowhide, brass, shell piece, Indian agate |Making|Handmade in Taiwan |Maintenance Method| *Pure brass material will not fade, but will slowly vaporize with the contact of air and moisture, so it is not suitable for wearing in the bath; if you do not wear it for a long time, it is recommended to put it in the attached zipper protection bag to reduce Air contact. *You can use a toothbrush dipped in toothpaste, gently scrub the brass part, and then wipe with a dry cloth, the brass can be restored to about 70% new. *It is not recommended to use silver washing water to maintain jewelry, because the silver washing water will corrode the surface of the brass and cause damage to the brass and stones. |Reminder| *Vegetable tanned leather cowhide is tanned with plant-extracted tannins. It will darken the color with the time of use and the contact of sunlight and air, for example: brown Tan will slowly turn to caramel color, and chocolate color will slow down Turn slowly to a darker chocolate color...wait. *Due to the production method of vegetable tanned leather cowhide, it is not leather coated with chemical coatings on the surface. When the cow grows up, there will be "scars" caused by playing and being kissed by mosquitoes "Fatness wrinkles/growth lines" caused by accidentally eating a little fat or thinner suddenly, without affecting the use of the guests, we will "try to avoid" these small features when making, but there will still be Small lines that cannot be avoided, if you have any questions or needs, please ask~ *Natural stones, pearls, shells... and other materials, because each piece is different in size, size, and color, there will be a little different material (spot or uneven) in it. These are the natural characteristics of natural materials, please Confirm that you can accept it before purchasing~ *Because the monitor of each computer is different, and the leather introduced each time will be slightly different in color due to different regions, manufacturers or production batches, the color of the photo is for reference only and is based on the actual product shipped. Mainly color~


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