There is Gantian X Xiangcha Lane No. 40 │ Timed Tea Tea Cup + Organic Assam Tea

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计时 Timing cup cover accurately grasps tea time ❊ 316 medical grade stainless steel uncoated cup body 内 One-piece molding



There is Gantian X Xiangcha Lane No. 40 │ Timed Tea Tea Cup + Organic Assam Tea

[Gantada] Timed Tea Tea Cup subverts traditional tea thinking. Through the innovative timing cup lid design, it combines vacuum nitrogen-filled green tea capsules. It will be the freshest, purest, natural non-toxic tea planted by farmers all over Taiwan. Original, sealed in the cup of 316 medical grade stainless steel.
Precisely mastering the golden tea making time allows for the best taste-enhancing period of finished products, while fine-tuning tea making procedures that are too complicated in the past and concentrating tea making process and procedures, so that you can also make tea in the city. Become a comfortable and comfortable new life aesthetics.
**Precise control of tea time**
The patented chronograph cup cover is made of PP-friendly material that is resistant to heat, up to 120 degrees, and resistant to acids and alkalis. The tea separation design provides excellent resting time for the tea, and the tea is not easy to bitter.

**Control the ideal amount of tea and keep warm**
316 medical-grade stainless steel cup body adopts double vacuum suction heat treatment, which has good heat preservation effect. There is no seam inside and outside of the cup body, one forming is easy to clean, and there is no chemical coating at the same time, which guarantees the safety of every consumer food.

**Brewing tea**
Environmentally-friendly tea capsules can be individually packaged and filled with nitrogen to keep them fresh and easy to carry. The perfect ratio of fine tea leaves makes it possible to brew the best tea taste. Corn fiber (PLA) non-woven materials combined with food grade paper can be naturally decomposed and safe.

**STEP1: Tuck the tea capsule into the groove under the lid**

**STEP2: Pour hot water into the cup to the height of the water level, tighten the lid**

**STEP3: Refer to the brewing advice and set the tea time. Put the cup upside down and wait for time to return to zero**

**STEP4: Place your cup and let it rest for 30 seconds. Open the lid and enjoy a good cup of tea**

●**Nantou Yuchi Township passed the organic certification of black tea family**
●**Natural Organic Farming Planting Pure Handmade Picking One Leaf**
●**Fully fermented large leaf black tea relishes the endless tea in tea**
●**tea rhyme mellow aroma pure rhyme back to sweet and aroma**
Xu Tangkun's father and son cultivated through natural organic farming methods, and he collected all of the world's unique 【No. 40 Xiangcha Lane】 organic tea No. 8 Assam black tea by hand from the second leaf and sticking to the traditional whole fermentation process.
The tea leaves are full, the leaves are large and plump, the tea soup is bright red, the scent is fragrant when brewing, the mellow tea is solid, the moment is sweet, and the quality is pure and uniform.
Located in the middle of the three mountainous mountains in the central mountain river of Zhongshan, Shuishe Dashan and Baiye Mountain, between 600 and 700 meters above sea level.
It is surrounded by lush greenery and surrounded by lush butterflies surrounded by Manggu Valley. This is the first place to be planted in Yuchi Township, Nantou. Black tea's natural organic tea area.
"Break a cup of freshly scented tea scent, as if it smelled for nearly half a century; soaking a pot of tea that is not afraid of Xin's resignation, it feels like drinking a life-long legacy. This is due to the old tea farmer's organic black tea." Unbound with the land of hometown.

Product specification
[Gantani] time tea accompanying cup
Cup body casing / medical grade 316 stainless steel
Cup liner / medical grade 316 stainless steel
Cup lid / food grade PP plastic (heat resistant 120°C)
Water Stop / Food Grade Silicone (Heat Resistant 120°C)
Size: 74mm X 74mm X 202mm
Capacity: 380ml (water line is 300ml)
Origin: Taiwan
Precautions: If you hold a hot drink, the splashing may occur when the cup body is shaken to open the lid. Please use it with caution.

[No. 40 Xiangcha Lane] Organic Taiwan Tea No. 8 Assam Black Tea
Brand: No. 40, Xiangcha Lane
Tea: Taiwan Tea 8
Ingredients: Organic Black Tea
Weight: Tea Bag 3g x 7 into
Shelf life: 2 years
Taste period: as shown in the package
Storage: Please place in a cool dry place
Origin: Taiwan Nantou


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