[First] handmade fabric flower brooch flower brooch plants - Mistletoe (yellow agate) literary Sen female gift custom bride corsage brooch suit

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[First] handmade fabric flower brooch flower brooch plants - Mistletoe (yellow agate) literary Sen female gift custom bride corsage brooch suit


Lotus Seed Design Studio began in the summer of 2013, the creation of handmade accessories brand [early] flowers. First duo get inspiration from nature, to plant flowers and modeling, working slowly and cotton material handmade brooch accessories. Flowers material to cotton, ramie, silk fabrics, put the joy of making a gold lotus born from the hands of the brooch to wear it like a familiar old friend of Greetings from. It can be equipped with clothes, bags, scarves or hats, or simply placed in the table, in any place you want to put. https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i3/48072767/TB2BO_Sg9JjpuFjy0FdXXXmoFXa_!!48072767.jpg "Beauty is decent, but not surprised people, the United States often people turn a blind eye, but a long aftertaste." Self Starter designer lotus seeds, initially invited by a friend to do its brand cloth accessories, online reference materials to find time to see the Japanese do use hot flower craft flower silk flower different from what we usually see, through the treatment process after hot flowers flowers great texture and more vivid, and thus began the use of materials at hand began to try to discover this technology can make your own favorite looks plants arbitrary. This mistletoe as the prototype, the main use of hand-hot flower process is completed. https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i2/48072767/TB2hYdyiylnpuFjSZFgXXbi7FXa_!!48072767.jpg Evergreen mistletoe represents hope and abundance. For centuries, mistletoe always ancient traditions associated with the festival. It has become a symbol of fertility and romance. In many countries, if one pair of lovers kiss each other under the mistletoe, it will be seen as the promise of marriage, a symbol of happiness and longevity. Collected from natural mistletoe this prototype design brooch: a multilayer fabric thickening, local hand-painted rendering, built skeleton plus hot flower craft to show leaf morphology, red and yellow colors of natural stone - agate as berries, to show it in different parasitic species showed different berries. It can be used as a special gift to give to yourself or friends and family. [Material and Process] Material: cotton, yellow agate, 14K gold accessories Process :( linen-cotton triple thick foliage production, local color rendering, built skeleton show context) + (14K gold fixing accessories agate fruit) [Description] wear * Safety pins section: Avoid direct Shiatsu flowers, flowers in order to avoid distortion when worn. Need to use the right hand to seize the flower stem, wheeled his left hand needle opening, please be careful when pin, then steers the needle wear closed. 【Care instructions】 Do not wash Please remove the cartridge into the dry storage If sticky dust and other debris powder, just brush swipe or electric light wind to blow 【size】 About 5x4cm Pure hand-made work slow production, orders three days after delivery to five days. Origin / manufacturing methods Handmade Chinese mainland