Rock and roll law to expand the fragrant stone (small sunglasses)

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Rock and roll law to expand the fragrant stone (small sunglasses)


Design announcement It is known here that since the things of HI elf.elf are made by hand, most of them are not in stock. The delivery period is 25 working days after the payment is made, and the working days do not include holidays and holidays. Goods will be shipped within 25 working days. (Not every product, so if you need it urgently, we welcome the private message we ask) │Rocks law expansion incense stone │ Size → diameter about 4cm x H about 5.5cm Ingredients → water, essence, diffused stone powder How to use the product: Please put the rock and roll incense in the place where you want the fragrance (bathroom, room, car.....etc.) The persistence of the fragrance is not necessarily the same, depending on the size of your space. The normal room size is about 2~3 weeks. When the fragrance fades, you can add your favorite essential oils, flavors or perfumes. (Remember to drip from the back! Avoid some flavors with pigmentation, which will affect the appearance!) Remarks: 1. The products are all handmade, so the texture of the marble is unique. 2. The goods are all handmade, occasionally the bubbles are normal, such as accepting the next order. 3. We have a variety of colors to choose from. If you want to specify the color, please let us know in the order note. (Please be sure to complete the note before payment, if you have started making payment after payment, you cannot specify the color) 4. Receive the goods, remember to take out the ventilation as soon as possible!!! Because the fragrance stone drops the essence and has moisture, it is necessary to ventilate as early as possible to avoid mold! 5. The diffused stone is the balance of humidity to achieve the effect of expanding the fragrance, so it is normal to receive the product when it is slightly moist. If the diffused stone has no taste, it is recommended to wash some water first, after drying, Then add perfume, essence or essential oil to make the product in a state of high humidity, and the effect of expanding the fragrance will be better! (When the color of the fragrant stone fades, it means that he is very dry, and he can give him some water at this time!)


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