Winter Universe Series - Silver Star Adjustable Bracelet

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Winter Cosmic Collection Winter Cosmic Collection - Small Silver Star Adjustable Bracelet Limited sale


Cosmic Garden Jewellery

Cosmic Garden Jewellery ショップへ

Winter Universe Series - Silver Star Adjustable Bracelet


**Cosmic Garden Jewelery Cosmos Garden hand-made light jewelry**
**Qu. Hand made silverware series**

**About design**
This winter's new limited series
Winter Cosmic Collection Winter Universe Series
This is the only bracelet in the series
Forging pure silver thread makes it very flexible
Oval look more fit
You can adjust the tightness and not easily deformed
Welded on both ends of the silver beads of different sizes
Shining like a small planet
Very unique
Each is handmade
It looks a bit different
Each one is unique

**About Cosmic Garden Jewelery**
University took a craft lesson
That was the first time I came into contact with metalworking
The first time saw cutting metal, welding, mosaic and so on
Also began to fall in love with the feeling of making their own wearing jewelry
Later, more choice of metal craft / jewelry design for the major
It is a very happy thing to be able to use abstract ideas with your own hands
So I hope I can share my creation to everyone

**About specifications**
925 sterling silver wire - after forging the width of about 2mm, a thickness of about 1.5mm
925 sterling silver beads on the side 3, while 4

This bracelet is oval, it is recommended to measure hand circumference can be measured together with the thickness of the wrist
Tell us when ordering

**About packaging**
All products will be accompanied by a plain kraft paper jewelry box
The inside is black velvet material
The lid is affixed with Qu. Hand made custom silverware series of stickers
And tied with cotton or twine decoration
If there is a need for gifts or other special packaging can private information I discuss Oh!

**About maintenance**
Sterling Silver is a very active metal
Exposure to air or contact with hot springs will produce oxidation phenomenon
Make your silver black
When this happens
Mo Mo Mo afraid
This is a normal chemical reaction
At this time as long as
1. Toothbrush with a toothbrush gently brush a little brush and then rinse with water and then dry
2. With the market selling silver water soaked and then removed with water rinse (less recommended)
3. Wipe with silver polishing cloth

Usually not worn, the silver collection in a small zipper bag or sealed box and so on
Can effectively block silver jewelry and air access opportunities
To slow down the oxidation reaction

**About the origin**
All items in Cosmic Garden Jewelery are made in Taiwan
Handmade on my metalworking table
Handmade with love in Taiwan


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