Zen Around Music Treasure Box

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The first set of music in Asia combined with parent-child learning



Zen Around Music Treasure Box


"Taiwan's first meditation teacher" Lola teacher plans eight introductory courses, led by the story situation Draw a line, practice a pattern at a time, and guide the child into the vast world of Zen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ww6Iufil_U **★ Product content: 1 book, 2CD, 1 material package, 1 learning pen ★** Adults and children can easily draw parents and children to share the meditation life aesthetics. It is suitable for "in-brain yoga" that everyone can play at 6-100 years old. Healing every heart and regaining the inner child who loves painting. **★Quality Music Guide 2CD and Complete Parent-child Learning Book 1** Tailored for beginners in Zen painting Gathering Mozart, Beethoven, Vivadi and other classical music masterpieces & original nature meditation music Linking the world of visual images from the world of auditory music Helping children who are growing up and developing to construct a "thinking of painting" brain-wide creative development **★ Zen winding magic pack** ● Zen paper painting 8 pieces of paper The large-sized learning paper bricks are suitable for beginners, schoolchildren or senior citizens. They can be combined with the eight basic courses of the "Parent-child Love Zen" teaching book, or you can freely create your work after mastering a variety of patterns. ● Game Dice Paper 4 sheets You can use the gameplay of "Family Love and Love" to create your own "Zen Wrap Magic Dice", which can be used by many people to play "Zen Wandering Board Games", or you can creatively arrange for adults. A game played by children. **★ Exclusive study of paper bricks and learning pens, complete parent-child learning tools** Zen-wound painting learning bricks & learning pens for school-age children Prepare for the parent-child study! Children can easily draw, adults can not worry about So easy~ **★ Game dice DIY combination, Zen winding creation unlimited extension** From paper to life observation, creative handwriting, multiplayer fun board games or large collective creation A collection of various "playing around" creative activities, adults and children to play together, fun teacher and student Fun easy! **Track** CD1 01. Giuliani. First movement of flute and guitar concerto 02. Tchaikovsky. Nutcracker Suite - Dance of the Fairy 03. Beethoven. The second movement of Piano Sonata No. 16 in G major 04. Mozart. The first movement of the third major string quartet in G major 05. Chopard. A minor tune of Mazuka piano music in A minor 06. Little John Strauss. Blue Danube Waltz 07. Pahai Bell. D major Canon 08. Vewadi. The Four Seasons-E Major First Concerto "Spring" Allegro CD2 01. Natural Angel 02. Spring awakening 03. Teenage Princess 04. Deer Song 05. Butterfly Forest 06. Hyacinth and Angel 07. Shining forest 08. A little magical magic 09. Looking for angels 10. Earth healers lead me


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