Crystal Cluster-Red Crystal Original Mine Office Healing Micro-Landscape Installation One Thing and One Picture

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When you have the "Crystal Purification Degaussing Ball" and want to increase the different scenery of the office, the crystal cluster is the best choice. It also adds some color to the desktop, adds new power, and also makes the mood more beautiful. Of course, Very suitable as an office healing small thing!



Crystal Cluster-Red Crystal Original Mine Office Healing Micro-Landscape Installation One Thing and One Picture


Crystal is a gem with spirituality. It has the function of memory. Any newly obtained crystal ore mostly contains residual energy memory (such as mining, transporting, cutting, grinding, polishing). It has been exposed to many people in the process, and naturally remains. With many messy memories, the purpose of purifying the crystal is to eliminate the memory remaining in the crystal for the official owner to use, so that you can fit into the crystal magnetic field, and then by activating the enlarged projection function of the crystal’s natural oscillation frequency, Combine the forces of the universe to form a larger magnetic field and achieve your wishes. ▶•Product details•◀ All the goods in the museum are taken physically ✦☞Crystal size: length 5.8cm X width 4.3cm height 3.4cm ✦☞Crystal weight: 117g. ✦☞Crystal material: red crystal. ▶•Design Concept•◀ The RIJU brand was founded by two enthusiastic opponents from childhood, who can realize the dreams that were out of reach when they were young. The brand concept we want to convey is to be able to transform into beads of different symbolism and significance under the high temperature like colored glaze beads, bringing us the belief that we can break through adversity, face the light and never give up, so we chose " "Lizhu" as our brand name, and let everyone wear it, can have the courage to face anything and will not give up, and will face any difficulties with the unyielding strength. The design concept of RIJU glass beads is based on natural stone. Natural stones of different colors are combined with various shapes of brass, sterling silver, Tibetan silver, natural faceted ore... and other different elements to create a unique natural stone jewelry for two people. . Because everyone has a different story, just as every ore has a different color, Even an inconspicuous ore, like a small dream, will never give up, We create accessories that only belong to our own personal characteristics for each person and each ore. When you/you come here, I hope you/you can set off again with full courage. ▶•Product care•◀ ✦☞Natural stone must be purified frequently to maintain its energy. ✦☞Accessories are wearable and cannot be restored. The plating layer will have varying degrees of wear and oxidation according to personal usage habits. The color retention period varies from person to person, from several days to several years. ✦☞Accessories should avoid contact with chemicals (makeup, perfume), acids and alkalis, and humid environments to avoid corrosion of products. ✦☞Avoid wearing accessories in sea water, hot springs, swimming, bathing or sweating a lot. ✦☞Accessories should not be pulled vigorously or in the opposite direction. Try to remove them when you sleep to avoid crushing damage. ✦☞When the jewelry is not worn, you can wipe it with a silver cloth and put it in a zipper bag for storage. ▶•Commodity notes•◀ ✦☞Natural stone is different due to different methods of mining veins, cutting, making and selecting materials. The color depth, texture, crystal, shape and size of each natural stone product will be different, and there may be small defects such as cracks, impurities, and ore defects. , So it can’t match the product image 100%, please forgive me. ✦☞The arrangement of the products will be slightly adjusted according to the size of the hand, and the combination and proportion of the products will also be adjusted, which is not exactly the same as the product photos. ✦☞When some materials are out of stock, if it does not affect the appearance, there will be no separate notice. ✦☞Because the products are all handmade, the shape and size of the materials are different, and the measuring method is different for each person, and there is a size error (between 0.3~0.5cm), the size and length provided when ordering is only reference. ✦☞The product photos may have color differences due to factors such as the shooting light and the brightness of the personal computer screen. There will be slight differences in color between different batches of products. ✦☞Each material is carefully selected and unique, and the finished product received will not be exactly the same as the product photo, please understand ❤. ▶•Product Service•◀ ✦☞『Customized Goods』: There is no seven-day appreciation period, and there is no return/exchange service except for defects. Upon receipt of the product, if you need to change the size of the product, you need to bear the round-trip shipping and modification cost of NT30-80. ✦☞"Commodity shipping time": The number of working days will be calculated based on the completion of the payment of the goods (the next day after the payment is completed is the first working day). The goods are handmade and will be shipped within 3 days from the stock. In case of shortage, you must wait 7-14 working days (excluding delivery time). ▶Taiwan delivery time: It takes about 1-2 days for mail registration, 2-3 days for supermarket pick-up, and 3-5 days for delivery in some remote areas. (Excluding Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays) ▶Delivery time for non-Taiwan area According to different destinations, the number of working days for delivery is different. Generally, it will be delivered in about 12-15 working days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays). ✦☞『Product problem』: After receiving the product, if you have any questions, you can contact the designer ❤ Origin/manufacturing method Made in Taiwan•Handmade


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