Oblique back portable dual-use [small size large capacity] Mini Mini three-tier - champagne PLUS

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★ Super storage function ★ fashion sense ★ non-toxic / weight test passed ★ inside and outside water repellent



Oblique back portable dual-use [small size large capacity] Mini Mini three-tier - champagne PLUS


Want to know "product specifications and size," please continue to scroll down, read Madou photo taken will see the product size chart! 😉 【Material / Design】 Taiwan 【Sewing / Production】 China https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4627/25163044997_7fdcf454f7_o.jpg [Bag maintenance advice] 😐 no matter what kind of bags, if only the same consumption of consumables without paying attention to maintenance, must be reimbursed quickly. Although there is nothing lasting or not, but if the intention to long-term use, the concept of maintenance will be implemented on weekdays (light-colored bags as light-colored clothing, afraid of dirty to use more attention); life will be long. In some parts of Taiwan, the climate is humid, and basically the skin of objects and people is affected by the humid climate. Without this knowledge, let alone the concept of maintenance of the bag. Although Fubao's bags do not need to be special and time-consuming to save / maintain and do not have to be bought like brand-name bags, they are harder to maintain than others; however, it is still recommended that you follow the locale More sun / foe / too wet) to choose the usual easy maintenance. Waterproof coating both inside and outside the bag, basically not so easy to dirty. In addition the product tag has clearly marked "washing method." If the weekday general small dirt can use wet cloth (or wet paper towel) to wipe directly, if a large range of dirt, or the degree of dirt and the relatively large range, we recommend that you send professional cleaning bags store cleaning. If there is no pouring oiled, sticky special dirt, or fade with the clothes friction, resulting in the fiber cloth bag fabric; the proposal is to minimize the frequency of washing, in order to avoid the possibility of unnecessary fading. Other goods are super-splashing material, can not be ironed or bleached. If finishing cleaning must be immediately natural dry (non-sun), direct sunlight is prohibited or the use of dryers, so as to avoid discoloration or deterioration of the damage may be. Detailed daily maintenance, please see the "any product page" Jieyou note. 【Bags can be washed with a washing machine? 】 A: All functional products, will be accompanied by "manual / tag / wash the label," to inform users how to use, especially with functional mom bag. In order to extend the service life of the bag, the warranty card attached to the goods, the tag is not suitable for "machine wash" (because of spin-pull package body), if it is forced to wash their own (not recommended) There are also tests using the laundry bag to hold the bag and then washing machine washing is still acceptable. As the bag is not a cardboard backplane, so little difference after washing before washing, leather is complete without cracking. In addition, immediately after washing, dry (dry, non-direct sun dried). However, because "personal use of washing machines" and "encountered state" are different ~ For machine washing this section, Man Fook Bao can not guarantee the results 望, I hope you know. 【 Please note】 Each computer / mobile screen, resolution, color cast, as well as visual color differences for everyone are different, the package is still received by the real color-based.


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