Rose Garden Royal Marseille Soap │72% Olive Oil Manual Cold Wash Special Soap

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French Ancient Formula | 72% Pure Olive Oil + Shea Butter + Chile Rose Hip Oil ... | Low Temperature Cold Treatment | Wa



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Rose Garden Royal Marseille Soap │72% Olive Oil Manual Cold Wash Special Soap


**【Rose Garden Marseille Soap│72% Olive Oil Hand-Cooled Soap│Wo Habit Trail-Royal Top Marseille Soap│Soap Special Soap】**
Especially suitable for romantic time with a lover alone. The rose garden is elegant and charming, with its rich French rose fragrance leading the delicate and elegant rose geranium, along with delicately healing rose grass. The rich and refined rhyme of the rose gradually leads to the mellow rosewood, which further highlights the richness and purity of the interior. Rich and elegant aroma, as if immersed in the tranquil and luxurious garden.

【Applicable skin type】
Luxurious Nourishing - Soap Specially Used for All Skin Types, More Sensitivity, Skin Damage, Over Fatigue, and Mature Skin

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Nesting Trail handmade Marseille soap is cold soap! With foreign imports - hot Marseille soap What is the difference?

Handmade Marseille Cold Soap is the traditional French royal soap recipe. It is blended with 72% Pur olive oil + other vegetable oils and alkaline water. It is produced at a low temperature of around 40 degrees. It can only retain the plant's natural nourishment due to its low temperature. Ingredients and natural moisturizer - glycerin, it takes about 3-4 months to wait for ripening. So every soap is very precious

In general, French-made hot-mechanized Marseille soaps from France are quickly saponified because the oil must be continuously heated in the boiler, leading to the destruction of the nutrients of the original plant. Think of if the oil in your pot continues to heat and if the grease has deteriorated

The nesting trail handmade Marseille cold soap can preserve the original nutrients of natural herbal oils, and is also rich in precious moisturizing and moisturizing factors. It is a soap with clean and moisturizing properties.

Nested trail handmade Marseille soap, without adding preservatives, antibacterial agents, surfactants, fixatives, chemical compounds. Please feel free to use
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* Wash your face - First wet your hands and face with water, rub your hands to rub the handmade Marseille soap, and then wash your hands on the facial skin. Then rinse with clean water.

* Bathe the whole body - first hand and hand-made Marseille soap wet with water, use the handmade Marseille soap directly on the whole skin to draw a round body, and then clean it by hand on the skin massage circle, and finally rinse with clean water. Suitable for face, body skin cleansing.

【Ingredients】 Pure olive oil (72%), shea butter, Chilean rosehip oil, palm oil, coconut oil, castor oil, natural spring water, rose oil, rose geranium oil, rose grass oil, rosewood oil, organic Coral Red Slime Essential Oil Rose Essential Oils Various Minerals and Plant Powders
【Origin】MIT Taiwan
[weight] 110g ± 10g, 80g ± 8g
【Storage period】18 months
【Cautions】If you accidentally eat, please immediately drink plenty of water and seek medical attention. The color, shape, and aroma of each handmade soap will be somewhat different, which is normal (color - a variety of minerals and plant powders, shape - hand-cut, aroma - is a pure natural oil).
【Storage method】 Please keep it in a cool place away from sunlight. Please keep it in a cool place after use and keep it dry. Do not soak in water and direct sunlight.
* After opening, it will not be replaced or returned.


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