[25cm dry flower glass cover] love nothing

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We become sharp after experiencing hardships, learn softness in countless communication, because each of your differences makes the society more colorful.


Good Days

[25cm dry flower glass cover] love nothing


**Combine dry flowers and works without flowers** **Glass cover size / / base diameter 17.5cm; glass cover bottom diameter 15.5cm; overall height 25.5cm** **Floral Design // African Tulip, Rose, Cotton, Gypsophila, Cassia, Kidney Fern, Aster, Lotus, Timothy, Small Silver Fruit, Feather Grass** **Design inspiration: Come together, love the day (Hotline x writing practice)** **We become sharp after experiencing hardships, learn softness in countless communication, because each of your differences makes the society more colorful.** On May 17, 2019, Taiwan passed the 748 Act. We finally saw the first rainbow and made love more free and equal. But this is not the end of marriage and equality. We continue to work hard to make the equality in the law true. life. Regardless of gender or personality, each person is different, some people are soft, some are enthusiastic, some are soft and enthusiasm, bold and easy to get hurt, no matter what color we are, it is worth cherishing, so please don't be afraid of your own In appearance, I imagine that in the future, everyone can truly enjoy power in love without feeling any embarrassment, sin or any slight discomfort; each person can express himself freely in life. At the same time, understand the difference of others, and do not need to change yourself to cater to others. If there is such a day, it will be a sunny day, let us come together, the day of love and nothing. The works include flowers of seven colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, enamel and purple, and use different textures and patterns to present a variety of beauty. Please note that the photos may be slightly different due to different screens. How to maintain dry flowers 1. Dehumidification: keep the environment dry and ventilated 2. Color retention: Sunlight is the main cause of carbonized embrittlement of dry flowers. Try to avoid direct sunlight to extend the life of the work and maintain its color. 3.Maintenance: Non-glass cover works, try to avoid touching the flower material. If the flower is dusty or dusty for a long time, use a small brush or cotton swab. Please brush the dust. The large-area flower can be used with the hair dryer. Open strong wind) 4. Please carefully take the glass cover work. After receiving the work, you can remove the fixed tape. Please note that the glass and the base are not sticky, but it is not recommended to open it yourself. If you need to replace the flower in the future, you can send it back to the good day. Respond to environmental recycling, only charge for replacement 5. Jewelry (such as earrings, hairpins, etc.) Please try to avoid touching, stressing, pulling the flower material, you can take the hairpin base and the sides and the ear pin; if the hair hooks the jewelry, you can use the jewelry Wear the office at a height of five centimeters, gently tidy up the hair, and take it away from the accessories. 6. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.


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