Handmade - Chinese style small hair comb / pair

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The length of the comb containing no drop is about 7.5CM, the length of the hair can be about 4CM, and the width is about 4.5cm.


Handmade - Chinese style small hair comb / pair


Please be sure to read the bottom of the purchase instructions for the first time, please! The comb is not covered with a full length of about 7.5CM, the length of the hair can be about 4CM, the widest point is about 4.5cm, the pink petals at the end are powdered agate, the white ones are shell carving petals, and the length of the pendant itself is about 11.5 cm. For the activity hook, you can disassemble it yourself. The above dimensions are for reference only, and the hand works cannot be as good as the machine. Can accept the order again; please take a ruler to look at the size, do not imagine, thank you! The photos have been as close as possible to the real thing, but each monitor may have a color difference. When shooting, the light will be colored. Different natural stone or glass will have color difference. If you can't accept it, please do not place an order. All items are out of stock, please be sure to ask the designer before placing an order, thank you! Main materials: copper fittings (all metals), natural freshwater pearls (not perfect), shell carving petals, powder agate petals (color shapes are not the same for each piece), opal, Czech imported glass beads (petal beads, small flowers, water droplets ). Packing: thick zipper bag (storage and anti-gas oxidation when not in use) + cloth bundle pocket (with the door and the beautiful storage for the person). Purchase Notes: 1. The goods in this library are all out of stock, and they are only produced after the order is placed. Therefore, the shipping time from order to delivery is longer, and the order is shipped in the order of the order. Please note that there is no seven-day appreciation period for the customized items, only the quality problem can be refunded. Exchange 喔! urgent orders, please contact the designer to confirm the order, thank you! 2. The museum's products use a large number of natural stone, natural crystal, colored glass, natural freshwater pearls; natural materials may have ice cracks, mineral defects, black spots, unevenness, thread and chromatic aberration, etc., glass may have bubbles , black spots and color differences; the above recipients can place orders again. 3. When using the scorpion and scorpion, please use the pole to apply force. The place where the pattern is made can not be used. Please pay attention to your own way of making the hair. The scorpion will not be damaged by one touch, but it will not withstand brute force; if your The method of coiling will be folded to the hoe (the place where the pattern is made), then please put the hair in the shape and then decorate it, or ask the professional to assist. 4. Metal jewelry should not take a bath or hot spring, please do not touch water or chemicals (perfume, etc.), if it is accidentally stained, please use a dry cloth to gently wipe, where the gap can not be wiped with a hair dryer The cold air blower is blown dry, and when not in use, please put it in a sealed bag to prevent moisture from oxidizing. If you are not at ease, receive a layer of transparent nail polish for protection after receiving it. Its condition depends on your daily use habits. . 5. Because there are too many uncontrollable factors in the process of sending and transporting, please be sure to contact the library if there is any damage after receiving the goods. We will handle your satisfaction. 6. The postage and freight charges are mainly based on the announcement. If you do not refund more or less, please choose to mail in the outer island area. If you choose other methods, you must make up the difference. 7. As long as the goods sold by the museum are free of charge, but the damaged materials and the postage sent back and forth must be borne by the buyer. 8. Handmade, absolutely can not be said to be resistant to wear and tear, please treat it gently, look at the wire marks and glue marks, but it does not affect the appearance of the effect, please understand the imperfections of the hand works, thank you!


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