Ying Jade makeup jade step shake - natural Burma jade 925 silver design earrings

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Ying Jade makeup jade step shake - natural Burma jade 925 silver design earrings


**"You Fang not for the spring hair, waiting for the autumn wind.** **Straight autumn. Scented than extra flowers thick.** **Jade Tsui step by step jade, blowing Long?** **Just like Yao Tailong every next month. "** - "Ugly slave child / mining mulberry Son" Song. Li Gang Falls like the end of dark hair, lined with cheeks next to the jade bottles Yingliang Green, only a slight lightly shy, the two hanging vertical curtain beads will be swaying, it is truly attractive, sneak both eyes. Just as Yaotai, welcome to the next month, the hair on the deliberately for whom the hairpin, Hua Jin vulgar step shake. **∞ material ∞** Natural Myanmar jade material, 925 silver flower pieces, 925 Japanese silver wire, 925 silver ear hook, ear needle. **∞ size ∞** Full length: 6.5cm **∞ material size ∞** Aquarius Myanmar jade material: length x width = 10x6mm Burma jade beads: 3mm **★ Notes ★** ☆ jade natural minerals, natural stone cutting beads, will have some of the same color (but most are very subtle differences), and the size of the beads are uneven size, micro-asymmetry for the normal, please consider their own acceptance degrees, if required to achieve absolute uniform color, the designer may be contacted**customized**→ {designers use*natural eyes and hands*of color pick beads (laughs)} ☆ product photos may be due to screen color, display, resolution and other electronic products have color, please understand that this designer is powerless to reality. ☆ metal parts, resistant to general domestic water, such as hand-washing, it is recommended to take off when bathing. ☆ part of the silver-containing components, over time, though according to personal habits and frequency of different use of the speed of the other, but it will certainly produce oxidation, the market silver polishing cloth and other maintenance products can be used for these parts maintenance. ☆ natural material parts are to avoid contact with acid-base substances, such as hot springs, be sure to remove similar occasions, if accidentally contaminated, you can immediately wash with water to save. ☆ under normal wear there is no risk of fracture, but exquisite accessories absolutely can not experience strong external pull, please note. **◆ sale ◆** If the repair, maintenance, changing the line needs, please bear the cost of materials and freight, processing fees are not included in the fee. **▲ Shipping ▲** Mail 2 to 3 days, according to supermarkets channel announcement. ☆ some remote areas to increase delivery schedule ☆ If you need to send urgent goods, please inform the designer to make urgent goods, separate shelves order, and according to the requirements of additional shipping costs. **Ω the last Ω** My little cicada is not included in the product Any other questions, or need to confirm the matter, please contact the designer before buying ~ designer is a good talk about the wind like a constellation of human ♥ Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan handmade


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