[Good Flower] Dry Christmas Wreath Dry Wreath Half Moon Noble Pine Wreath Christmas Gift (M)

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[Good Flower] Dry Christmas Wreath Dry Wreath Half Moon Wreath Christmas Gift (M)



[Good Flower] Dry Christmas Wreath Dry Wreath Half Moon Noble Pine Wreath Christmas Gift (M)


2019 changes a bit on wreaths Irregular wreaths are presented with lines, so that the wreath is not a rigid circle but also a natural line. The aroma of cedar surrounds the wreath Become a unique wreath 【Product desciption】 ● Main flowers, cotton, dried fruits, other flowers are randomly matched. ● All dried flowers are made of dried flowers, which will inevitably fall off during shipping. Good flowers will be properly packed and delivered to your hands for complete protection. ● Use natural primary color flower material as the overall style of flower gift. ● Product size; about 30CM ● It also tastes like home decoration ● Dried flowers are all hand-made works. Each one will not be exactly the same, and there will inevitably be chromatic aberration. This is also the original intention of hand-made goods. Please think twice before ordering by perfectionists. ● Dry flowers are mostly imported. If you encounter market shortage or poor quality of flowers, please let Haohua professionally match you with suitable flowers. The overall shape will not change and Haohua will not be notified. Please think carefully before buying. ● If you buy more than two works in the store, please use the home furnishings to make it safer. 【Remarks】 ● Good flower works use primary colors and do not excessively use bright dyed flowers to make works. This is the original intention of good flowers. Good flowers also fall in love with the original beauty of dried flowers. I believe you will also like dry flowers. Primitive posture and beauty ● Before ordering, you must confirm the availability of hand-made works. The production time of hand-made works is about 3-5 days, and the large-scale works are 7-14 days. ● If you have any questions, please do n’t worry, just contact the designer immediately, or send me a private message on the page. The designer will see the message quickly and try my best to help you solve and answer the question. ● The works are measured by hand, and some errors are unavoidable. Please forgive me. To ensure your rights, please confirm in detail before ordering ● Discuss the custom color with the designer before ordering, and sell it randomly if you don't ask [Flower gift maintenance method] ● It ’s better to be afraid of direct sunlight and humidity, and it is better to put it in a ventilated place. ● Good flowers can be kept for a long time. Depending on the owner's care, depending on the durability, the color fades and weathers, or the flower material falls are normal. ● If there is dust, use a soft brush to lightly brush, or use a hair dryer to cut cold air and blow gently. 【Packing】 In order to respond to environmental protection, Haohua uses recycled cardboard boxes for packaging, and does not use excessively exquisite packaging. All works are natural materials, and it is inevitable that some flowers will fall down during the delivery process; however, don't worry, the fixed flower gift will be properly protected before shipment and the perfect work will be delivered to you. [Brand Story] Good for you Give you good things, a good thing Dry flower, love its unique and aesthetic taste The original pose after the flowers receded It's another wonderful start for the flowers Because dried flowers can be stored for a long time, I want to make beautiful happiness for pollen lovers Maintain the original characteristics and colors of the flowers, Making textured and smiling flower gifts [After-sales processing] If there is serious damage after receiving the flower gift, please submit it within 2 days after receiving the flower gift, and take a picture to contact Good Flower, and return and exchange will be handled as appropriate. Please send it back within 5 days. The return freight must be borne by the buyer. Good flower studio, one person handles everything, there are many sellers of dried flowers on the market, and the studio is not easy to operate If you have any questions, please feel free to discuss, and be considerate, so that we can have a pleasant trading process. If you like good flowers, please give us a 5 star positive review after receiving the product! These positive comments are the motivation for Haohua to move forward. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan handmade