[Lost and find] Holy Grail King Natural Stone Fluorite Lingerie Necklace

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Gentle and careful listening of king of cups Will accompany you with your heart to calm the ground and the external stor


[Lost and find] Holy Grail King Natural Stone Fluorite Lingerie Necklace


/About Products/ https://youtu.be/eMkuPGeBfRE This creation uses a more inspirational design. We selected the main stone and then extracted the tarot card that represented it. This stone is king of cup~ and the message I thought of when I created it was immediately written on paper, and it will be sent with the spirit. King of cups is gentle and capable. It's easier to get lost. You need someone to listen carefully to the problem and accompany your growing friends. I hope this King can help you! This time I used * rome choi's dreaming way tarrot This can be self-disassembled with a swing and neck 2ways design. I hope that users can often take it with them~ A wooden box is attached to the guests for a good placement~ Cracked spar always gives people a second-class feeling, but sometimes they don't deliberately endure the defects that others give, and bravely show themselves but they will find that they have different brilliance. Each of our ametrines has deep and obvious cracks, and this natural flaw is matched with the careful cutting of the craftsmen, each of which also scatters a different rainbow light from its own fault due to the refraction effect. Ametrine is the effect of amethyst being decolorized by natural geothermal changes. It is rare that a crystal has two colors of spar, so it represents the relationship of harmony and harmony, and is complemented by rainbow colorful. Upgrade. Each stone is also a material that the owner has been looking for for a long time, so there really is only one one that can be met. I like to take it home. The real thing is more beautiful! Really!! But be aware that natural stone is a natural product and cannot be 100% perfect! There must be some impurities and cracks. The owner will try to explain the detailed texture, but the friend who asks for perfection really wants to think twice. 【theme】 Holy Grail King [Place of Origin] Hong Kong 【raw material】 Steel + fluorite + 925 + white crystal + lapis lazuli + star powder + picture agate [Size] Main stone 4.1cm spirit swing chain 28.5cm extra26.6cm 【Precautions】 Gemstones are also natural, and it is impossible for each one to be exactly the same, and there are occasional defects. Of course, the owner will try to explain. Perfectionist friends should think twice before buying! /About Lost and find/ 【brand introduction】 Lost and find, a story fashion and accessories brand. Each piece in the brand has its own story of “lost” and “find”. We hope that through easy and fun ways to guide users to think and explore the little memories that have been forgotten in life. In the process, they are no longer simply the identity of the master, but they live with each other in our works. The relationship between the master and the servant. [Designer] Bear Wan (Hong Kong), a designer who likes natural stone. Origin / manufacturing methods Hong Kong


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