Moringa Matcha Concentrated White Fungus Matcha & Moringa Snow Fungus

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620ml x 1
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The use of organic white fungus grown in Taiwan, Japanese green tea and Indian organic Moringa leaves, taking into accou


Moringa Matcha Concentrated White Fungus Matcha & Moringa Snow Fungus

商品説明 No chemical addition, no fragrance, rich in many amino acids, polysaccharides and collagen, strong mellow taste to increase satiety, will not cause physical burden, good drink and physical and mental satisfaction. Composition \ Taiwan Organic White Fungus, Water, Matcha Powder, Indian Organic Moringa Leaf Powder, Pure Sucrose Capacity \ 620ML Save \ Frozen for three months, refrigerated and refrigerated 7 to 10 days The process of Matcha tea taste is gentle. Mix Moringa leaf powder, matcha powder and white fungus at room temperature to avoid the bitter taste caused by high temperature and retain natural nutritional value. Moringa itself has aromas of green grass and green tea, and the stamina is slightly fine. The consumption of 1 teaspoon each day is sufficient. Therefore, we mix the powdered green tea powder and the moringa leaf powder to reconcile the strong matcha feeling of “half-sweet and spicy”. Please mix it with fresh milk to make Moringa White Tea Latte. ________________________________ * Note / pregnant women, infants and young children are not suitable for eating Moringa. * Attention / Hypertension, Diabetes, Elderly people over 70 years of age, and people who have asthma due to allergies should be directed by a physician to eat. | Suggested Eating | 1 Add a proper amount of fresh milk, stir well, strong alcohol 2 Diluted with boiling water, adjust the shade according to preference, fresh and not greasy 3 With soy milk, vegetable milk, yogurt, juice, coconut milk and other drinks 4 Seasonal fruit, cereal, jam, yogurt, fruit vinegar 5 Cold or electric hot drinks are suitable 6 More Recipes See Facebook Fan Group | Shipping | 低温 Taiwan Island low-temperature home delivery freight is 160 yuan. 因 Since the product is cooked by hand, it usually takes about 2~4 days after the order is confirmed; a lot of order or full order may prolong the delivery time. ⊙ Please fill in the remarks for special requirements or specified arrival date. ⊙ We do not provide plastic bags on our own initiative. Please note if necessary. -------- Q How long can I put white fungus? The edible fungus is shipped frozen. The shelf life of the fungus is better than three months after the date of manufacture. It can be stored in good condition for a longer period of time. After refrigerating, please eat it within 7 to 10 days. Use a clean device to avoid contact with raw water and bacteria for longer periods of time. Q How do you withdraw ice after receiving fungus? It takes about half a day to put ice in the refrigerator. Sugar-free taste Because the concentration is too high, the time for complete deicing is approximately one day. Q How to heat and drink white fungus? After completely removing ice, pour into a heatable container and dilute and adjust the concentration with boiling water or fresh milk. Or microwave microwave heating 1 to 2 minutes. Q Concentrated white fungus can eat several times? Concentrated organic white fungus cans 620ML are full of thick white fungus, a can of about 4 to 5 times edible. Q Pregnant can drink white fungus? can. White fungus is rich in amino acids, polysaccharides, plant collagen, and dietary fiber. It is suitable for pregnant mothers or confinement. For all good foods, a balanced and appropriate amount of ingestion will help. It is even more important to have a pleasant and stable mood. The delicious edible fungus makes you feel good and is the greatest help. *Remind you that if you have a special physique, ask your doctor.


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