Xmas Elk Marble Diffuser I Home Fragrance with Christmas Packaging Gift Oil Exchange Gift

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Christmas limited edition styling expanded stone preferred gift Add a little fun to your little space Drop in essential oils and indulge in your favorite aroma


Xmas Elk Marble Diffuser I Home Fragrance with Christmas Packaging Gift Oil Exchange Gift


│Christmas Limited Edition Diffusers│ Christmas limited edition style diffuser adds a little fun to your small space Drop in essential oils and indulge in your favorite aroma Product details: Combination Contents → Elk Marble Diffuser + 2ml Essential Oil (Random Shipment) + Christmas Gift Box Product size | Approximately 50x95mm Handmade by Jin Jin Jin Jin products are handmade, and the taste of life is transmitted through the temperature of handmade ♥♥♥ Any customized needs are very welcome to discuss with designers ♥♥♥ [Principle of Diffuser] ◆ The flamboyant stone itself has no taste. You can regularly drop your favorite essential oil or essence on the back or base of the shape according to personal preference. Do not spray on the front side to avoid some flavors adding pigment to affect the appearance. ◆ The diffuser stone absorbs water vapor through the pores on the surface and adjusts the internal and external humidity to achieve the effect of diffuser. If the diffuser has no taste, it is recommended to spray some water on the surface and dry it, then drip the essence or essential oil. ◆ Expansion stone can be reused, environmentally friendly, practical and beautiful. 【Precautions】 1. Diffuse stone is made of gypsum powder, and white powder is normal. 2. The products are all handmade, and there are some tiny bubbles and lines on the surface. Please allow some imperfections. If you are mindful of friends, please consider carefully before placing an order. 3. There will be slight color difference when taking photos. 4. If there is a dried flower, it will be based on the existing materials on hand and may not be the same as the photo. Don't mind the order, if you have special needs, you can communicate with the designer about the style you want. 5. Do not place the diffused stones decorated with dried flowers in a damp place, otherwise the dried flowers are prone to mold. ♥ Necklace styles are randomly matched, if you have special needs, please leave a message in the order note ♥♥ If you have special needs for colors, please leave a message in the order note and welcome discussion. If there is no special note, it will always be white. Thank you. (Please make sure to complete the note before payment, if the production has started after payment, the color cannot be specified) ♥♥♥ If you need a lot of customization, please leave a message Product photos will inevitably have color differences, please focus on the actual product, thank you If you have any questions, please write to us! Please be sure to understand the above precautions before buying, if you cannot accept, please do not order, thank you ------------------------------------ Jin Jin Joyful. Indulgent. Natural delight spoils your hand-made fragrance


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