925 sterling silver brand like the first ring / ring

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925 sterling silver REGOLITH lunar soil brand like the first ring / ring


925 sterling silver brand like the first ring / ring


What you must know | Oxidation to metal characteristics, please clean it in a sealed bag when it is not worn for a long time. Avoid wearing jewelry to do heavy work, easy to scratch the surface of the jewelry. Do not touch perfume, vinegar, juice, bleach; wash your hands, take a bath, bathe and swim before swimming Jewelry needs to be removed to reduce the occurrence of erosion and oxidation. Taiwan is in a humid climate, and humidity will affect the maintenance of the plating color of the product. It is recommended to store it in a zipper bag. If the summer heat is as hot as sweat, it is recommended to dry it immediately, and put it in a sealed bag after it is dried. Please also avoid sweat soaking, or direct sun exposure after soaking, it is easy to directly let the color of the plating back. **In addition, the sterling silver jewelry is wiped with a silver cloth, and the plating jewelry is soft cloth.** [Ore Bracelet] All the bracelets for shooting in the design hall are of size S. If the other size of the order will increase or decrease the ore or accessories, please accept the increase or decrease the ore for the designer to subjectively determine the shipment. If you purchase the same goods in batches and arrange them in ore, please take a photo and return the order to tell you that you need to make the same ore arrangement. Every ore is unique and will not be exactly the same as the photo. The ore will have some ice cracks and other lines, and will try to select better quality string. [sterling silver / brass jewelry] Handmade / semi-manually created goods, each product will have some casting marks. If you are a very serious idea, it is recommended to buy in a physical store. Electroplated gold/rose gold jewelry will be white silver/yellow for a long time, please be careful not to get water and cleaning supplies The square can make the jewelry use time longer. Hand knocking on merchandise is not very straightforward, and every hand made jewelry is unique. There will be some slight scratches in the production process, not in the range Handmade goods, there will be an error of less than 0.5. [earring goods] The earrings are invasive/skin products, so there is no refund/replacement service. The design earrings are all sterling silver / anti-allergic steel needle configuration (please read the description of each product for details) If you are more sensitive to metals, please make your own evaluation before placing an order. --------service and maintenance-------- Fully customized goods do not meet the e-commerce online shopping appreciation period return policy (please use google to check the treaty content) Ore goods 1) Ore customized products (providing pictures/personal creativity/modified string system, etc.), only for size adjustment. Other customized configurations, alterations to ore/replacement/replacement, etc., are not accepted. 2) The ore will have some natural ice cracks and other lines, and will not be worn and not in the range. 3) The beading of the store is made of ore/semi-precious stone/wood beads/plastic beads/grid/wood chips, etc. The color arrangement is one. If you need a full ore / gemstone / all silver accessories, the price is extra. 4) The manual bracelet uses the "Japan imported elastic line" string system. Although it is not easy to break due to its elasticity, it will lose its elasticity with time and usage. The design shop provides free line change service, but it must pay for the return shipping. **If the product breaks / the parts are missing / the parts are oxidized and replaced, it is troublesome to provide photos to estimate the repair cost.** Brass / sterling silver goods 1) There are many hand-made/semi-manufactured items, and perfectionists recommend buying them in physical stores. 2) The hand knocking on the product will not be very straightforward. Please have this awareness first. 3) Customized products will be photographed and returned before shipment, and will be sent by the buyer after confirmation. After confirmation, it is deemed that the approved product is innocent and will not accept the return application. 3) Pure silver is soft metal. Please use light, slow and soft adjustment when using. If the sterling silver bracelet/bracelet is adjusted by itself or pulled back to the most open, the product will not be round, skewed or damaged. Can not be restored to the original appearance or can not be worn, as a destruction of goods, the design of the museum has the right not to accept repair services, no return. Ring / earrings earring 1) The earrings are intrusive/skin products, so there is no return/replacement service. 2) 瑕疵 definition: the ear pin is broken, the embellishment is detached, and all of the above can be sent back for repair and cannot be returned. Ring At present, the store rings are handmade/semi-handmade in pure silver/brass silver-plated and zirconium. The sterling silver ring is a**full manual**customized product, please check the self-assessment before placing the order, and there is no replacement service. 瑕疵 Definition: The goods that are delivered do not match the order of the goods. **Some minor scratches will occur in the manual process.** 1) There will be an error of less than 0.5cm by hand. 2) The lettering service is an English stamper, if the handwriting service fee is required. 3) Customized products will be photographed and returned before shipment, and will be sent by the buyer after confirmation. After confirmation, it is deemed that the approved product is innocent and will not accept the return application. 4) Open ring If the ring is adjusted, no return service will be provided. Handmade jewelry will have a lot of hand-made traces, perfectionists recommend buying in a physical store. | Tips | - Please avoid wearing silver/brass jewelry when taking a shower/bath, swimming, or using a spa or hot spring. Otherwise the silver will turn yellow over time and restoration will not be possible. - If silver/brass becomes tarnished as a result of discoloration or oxidation, please use a silver cloth and wipe the jewelry in one direction. This should restore luster to the silver. - If silver/brass jewelry becomes slightly yellow in color, you can clean it with a solution made of baking soda and water. Soak the silver in the solution. Then, gently clean the tarnish off with a soft toothbrush or sponge. Silver with clean water and wipe dry. - To avoid oxidation, when not wearing, wrap your silver/brass jewelry in tissue papers and put it in a plastic zipper bag. This product is handmade, and so each one cannot be 100% identical. This product is handmade, and so slight variations in size are to be expected. We do not accept returns/exchanges for customized products.


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