Moonstone Ring - Rainbow Shine ∣ Moonstone (#60-1)

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❖❖ Made by American design team 优质 High quality natural rainbow moonstone + high quality 925 sterling silver ❖❖ no retouching no post-production natural light 鉴 full refund


Moonstone Ring - Rainbow Shine ∣ Moonstone (#60-1)


戒 ring USA & Canada Size Approximately equal to the inner diameter of 17.2mm / 0.67" ● International code 14 ● Europe ISO: inner circumference length 54mm ● AU & UK Size: N ❖ ❖ ❖ About 1.2cm long and 0.8cm wide ❖ Material ❖ Premium Natural Moonstone + High Quality 925 Sterling Silver Gemstones emit a rainbow glow as the angle of view and light refract Natural gemstones generally have natural ice cracks, stone patterns (clouds) or ribbons, and may have mineral symbiosis and inclusions. This is also the reason why natural gemstones are precious. I hope you can enjoy the unique existence of gemstones. beautiful. If you like or pursue perfection, natural gemstones may not be suitable for you. Think twice before you place an order. 产 Origin ❖ United States (made by the US design team) 能量 Energy healing ❖ This beautiful gem has a very long history and can be used as a guardian stone for different aspects of fertility, love, protection and sleep. Regardless of the East and West, since ancient times, it has been believed that the moonstone has an inseparable relationship with the moon. In astrology, the moon represents the uterus, family, and intimacy. The ever-changing white reflection on its surface, called by the gemologists as "ice feldspar", is like a moonlight, representing a powerful and kind energy. The moonstone corresponds to the eyebrow and the top wheel. In the legend, it can give the wearer the dual ability of prophecy and perspective. It is also suitable for use in meditation, which can help us enter the realm of peace and tranquility. I know that the astrolabe knows that everyone has a need for inner security. No matter what the traits of the person standing in front of him, he must have a moon planet, which is located on his chart. In life, we can't stop accepting the feelings of others. As a monoclinic moonstone, it can reflect the state of our souls and let people know more about their own problems. This crystal structure is specialized in absorbing negative energy. The positive energy is exchanged, but because of this trait, moonstone is also a gem that needs to be cleaned frequently. Just like sensitive people, after over-delivering themselves, they often need to go back to their own space and help themselves recharge. As for the world of crystal healing, moonstones will be used to appease and balance case emotions, because when emotional reactions prevail, it is difficult for us to connect with higher levels of reality. The moonstone corresponding to the eyebrow and the top wheel will become a gentle guardian when we enter the subconscious channel, helping us to balance the negative energy, and then have the opportunity to soothe and treat, once the mind is cleared. Miscellaneous thoughts, freeing up space, wisdom has the opportunity to enter. ❖ Star promise ❖ The goods are natural natural products, non-like stones and imitations, and the full refund of the fakes.


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