Participate in the Third Floor [Mud is my home] Cactus & Cement Basin | DIY & Dry Flowers

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[Important must read] ● This product is "DIY combination planting". The designer will first act as a combination of small planting potted plants. In order to preserve the integrity of the works during transportation, the dry flower makeup needs t


Participate in the Third Floor [Mud is my home] Cactus & Cement Basin | DIY & Dry Flowers

商品説明 **|Important|** - This product is**"DIY combination planting"**designer to finish planting small combination for you, but to preserve the integrity of the work during transport**dried flower DIY decorating needs of their own to complete.**(Refer to the following simple video tutorial) - This item is**order order**. After payment, the product is**7 - 10 business days. (Does not include holidays) Wait 2 business days after sending (excluding holidays)**, the maximum waiting time is 12 days, each piece is handmade by the designer, good works need**please be patient**. The natural flowers and plants are different, and the finished products will not be exactly the same as the photos. Please believe in the theme of the works and the concepts to be conveyed. -**The flowers of this product have been processed**, each flower is tied with iron wire and hot melt glue for waterproof treatment. **|Contents|** - Planting & Cement Pots, Dry Flower Bags, Small Stone Bags |**What kind of packaging do you want? |** **Free simple packaging (right)** **Increase the price of classic fancy packaging (see the left side of the building limit map)** **(The box will change depending on the size of the product, the picture is shown)** **(The package will change depending on the size of the product. The price increase package cannot specify the flower material. Please believe in the concept we convey to the work.)** **| Plant Care |** **| Please pay attention before buying |** - planting season will follow the conversion will be replaced with different types of plants you choose seasonal creation**not exactly the same with photos**perfectionist, Please consider before buying. - cement products, specify the color will not be accepted, as are all unique and each piece hand make, and handmade pots of cement**surface pores and have not fixed the patterns are not exactly the same with photos**, perfectionist Please consider before buying. **|Return products|** - If the cement is not broken, it will not be damaged and will not be returned or returned. - During the transportation process, the work will be slightly detached.**If the whole work is disintegrated or the plant breaks seriously, it will not be returned.**Perfectionist, please consider before buying. **| I am eager to find us |** - If you have any questions, please leave a private message. - [Plant & Flora Studio] - [Joint Building Research Department Jewelry Department]


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