Handmade card holder / straight / green

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The classic style, the extremely monotonous appearance, can bring out the beauty. Exquisite stitching, smooth and smooth sanding, hand-made, fine grade. (Because the sun is shining at different angles, the color of the photo is different)


Handmade card holder / straight / green


Handmade | Vegetable Fixture Identification Card Set | Straight | Green Made from Italian, shoulder and neck vegetable tanned leather, hand-stitched, polished The shoulder and neck position contains a certain growth pattern, which is very special and has a special appearance. Minimalist style, out of the thick ferrule worn around the neck Letting you wear it will not make your neck feel uncomfortable. Identification certificate size: 11cm Width: 7cm Visible window: 7 * 4cm (**The color of the photo is different because of the different angles of sunlight**) Sling rope hardware selectable colors (three types) (This product has a sling and the sling is about 40cm) https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4816/45542035184_579dfa1d73_b.jpg **Free project** Press on the grass to write the English name,__official English name (first capital)__, please refer to the example below.__cursive stamping is limited to 8 letters below__. (Welcome letter to try typing) (no numbers and symbols) After ordering each item, we are making a brand new work, and it will be sent to the mail for about 5~7 days (excluding holidays). |Brand introduction| Daydream Studio Handmade Leather Goods-Daydream Handmade Leather Adhere to the use of manual technology, using environmentally friendly tanned leather, Continue the most traditional craftsmanship, and share the heritage of the culture to the world. Recognize the process of a package from scratch, and understand the creation of ancient crafts, Know the value of hand-stitching and let you fully understand the story of hand-made leather goods. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTCOLgfPm5Q |Notes| 1. Each hand made leather leather parts may have natural raw skin growth lines wrinkles and scars, etc., is a normal phenomenon, we try to select the most perfect parts to make, photography is also based on real presentation, there is special demand or any Criticism teaches us that we are willing to communicate changes. 2. The products in this studio are all hand-stitched with wax thread. The wax line is the most durable wire and the manual 8-word sewing method, so you don't have to worry about the problem of off-line breakage. 3. If you touch the water, please use a paper towel to dry it, then put it in a cool place to dry, remember not to dry in the sun and wet places. 4. After placing each item, we will make a new work, and it will be sent to the mail for about 5~7 days (excluding holidays). 5. The studio complies with the national business regulations, fails to reach the turnover, and cannot open an invoice or a triple invoice.


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