There are stories of dust into eyes tear Shaoshao suit (1-12 s), Author: Chen dust Rap Chan

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Dustykid there is dust in the eyes Shaoshao tear Tales suit (1-12 s), Author: Chen dust Rap Chan (Original price HK$816, package discount HK$720) *Buy a set will be accompanied by a yellow dust book cover*


There are stories of dust into eyes tear Shaoshao suit (1-12 s), Author: Chen dust Rap Chan


Dustykid has a little tearful story collection 1 - forget the time mother-in-law: "If everything will eventually die, use the heart to lock all the precious things. Use the world's most stable folder to save all good things forever." -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ Dustykid Dust in the Eyes of the Tear Story 2 - Backpackers without a terminal: "The most beautiful scenery in the world is you next to you. However, if you have no time to travel with me recently, you will not be tight; once you are connected to my heart, even if you are separated from the ends of the world, you and I are still close at hand." -------------------------------------------------- --------------------- Dustykid's dusty story series 3 - The city's music: "I put on my earphones that night, listening to a song sung by a singer in a certain place somewhere. Then the tears naturally fall with the melody and the rhythm... The singer will Do you know that the sleepless nights of several people are saved by his songs?" -------------------------------------------------- --------------------- Dustykid's dusty story series 4 - Memories Museum: "Reminiscence is a box. It will be hidden deep and deep in the years. When you think of it, I will dig it out and miss it. Even if the lid is full of dust, the memory in the box will be preserved as it was in the past. Generally good." -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ Dustykid's dusty story series 5 - Umbrella shelter: "It’s rainy, wet, and hateful. However, I like to hide under the umbrella and snuggle you with an umbrella for me. Once hiding under your umbrella, Your warmth has changed the world. Then the rain is big again, the ground is wet again, But under the umbrella, because I have you. I only feel infinitely safe. " -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ Dustykid has a dusty eyeless story set 6 - our 42.195km: "42.195 kilometers is the total length of the marathon. At the time of departure, the partners set off together in a noisy way, and on the way, because of the speed of each other, it is difficult to avoid falling. But these tens of kilometers, not just you alone fighting alone, the picture cheering at the end will accompany you to the road ahead, accompanying you through every difficult time. " -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ Dustykid's dusty story series 7 - The encounter under the maple tree: "Spring blossoms, we both enjoy flowers; summer is coming, you give me a summer break. The autumn leaves are your gift; In the winter I gently warm you up. Spring, summer, autumn and winter, the weather can not be expected, but fortunately you are there. Even if there is a moment to leave, but after the banquet is over, the feeling can still last forever. " -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ Dustykid's dusty story series 8 - Have your island: "Everyone has their own island of mind, The current sometimes pulls the islands closer together or apart. Maybe we can't compete with nature's gathering, but life is good for you to come to my island. " -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ Dustykid has a few tears in the tears story 9 - Where did your flight go? : "Without, there are thousands of reasons, For healing, for escaping, for growth, for change; when you come back, you only need one reason... Just because you are here. " -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ Dustykid is dusty and tearful story collection 10 - Who is the cat missing? : "What are the cats in your family doing after leaving home? Will you knock the water tray? Will you pee around? Can the newly purchased sofa in the house be intact? No matter how far or how long you leave, you also want all the trivial things of the cat. Similarly, cats miss you at home. " -------------------------------------------------- ---------------- Dustykid's dusty story series 11 - Why are you crying? : "Tears are heroes, and they always appear when we are most sad." Every teardrop, carrying a sorrow in our heart, tears, like a small group of soldiers, came to the rescue in a mighty way... We collapsed. " -------------------------------------------------- ---------------- Dustykid's dusty story series 12 - Xiaochen train: "This train that I don't know where to go, once boarded, will not stop moving forward, just like life. On the journey, just a few minutes at the station, you want to wait for you on the platform, who is it? ? When you know that the train can't stay for a long time, you can't look back, and when you have to go forward inevitably, what do you say to him? " -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ [about dust and dust dad] The words are: "The words written with heart are more valuable than gold." Rap Chan, a Hong Kong-based writer, began to assemble a book on Mind Healing in 2014. He was translated by a smiley face, Dustykid, to talk about life in a simple way, and to talk like a friend. Dust is explained by heart, sometimes crying, sometimes laughing, sometimes feeling empathy, sometimes being satisfied, getting consciousness. 1 set of 12 (Original price HK$816, package discount HK$720) *Buy a set will be accompanied by a yellow dust book cover* (per copy) Size: 13.3 cm (wide) x 16.8 cm (height) x >1 cm (deep) (each) Material: Paper (per copy) Weight: 150g Origin / manufacturing methods Hong Kong -------------------------------------------------- ---------------- Every Monday, four shipments, if you encounter a public holiday, it will be shipped one day. **- Hong Kong's orders are now shipped in a unified way with SF Express - to the delivery fee -** **- Tips -** The freight you get at SF Express will be cheaper than the home address. When filling in the shipping address, just fill in the address of the SF station you want to pick up. ^^ Hong Kong District SF Station Address: Hong Kong - General shipment, arrive after 1 to 2 working days Taiwan - After normal shipment, customs clearance goes smoothly, arriving 7 to 10 working days later


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