silver designer toy jewellery figure - Bear Alliance - 14K gold plated Knight

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Fun and movable bear necklace for you to discover more adventures!


 silver designer toy jewellery figure - Bear Alliance - 14K gold plated Knight


**//Product description and story//** Knight Bear is the captain of the Bear Alliance, a five-player league in the online game Legacy of Arcturus*. His role is to defend the team, absorbing damage with his gleaming shield and radiant armor. He can also pull out his sword for a special attack. But when things really heat up, his dark side explodes and he goes totally berserk. (He always seems to forget it afterwards, though.) When he’s not fighting, he’s all about food and sleep. He gets teased by the team for being out of shape, but he sees nothing wrong with being “extra huggable”. Knight Bear is handmade from silver. His helmet and sword can be removed, and the sword can be either held in his hand or be inserted into the back of the shield. The hollow design of the shield makes a graceful cross shape, and both the sword handle and the shield can be customized with rubies (please contact the designer). Star sign: Gemini *not a real game; part of Shabon Lee’s fictional world **//How does the figures made//** The Bear Alliance figures are painstakingly handcrafted from 925 sterling silver. Loving the cute factor, but wondering why these tiny dolls cost so much? (1)Bear Alliance dolls are made of silver. (2)Most toys are made with plastic injection-molded parts, which are easy to assemble (even kids can snap a LEGO doll apart and put it back together). But working with metal, it’s much harder to make removable parts. Detail work is also more complicated: welding seams need to be hidden, and a lot of polishing has to be done after lost wax casting. The process of making a single figure takes multiple days, and a lot of the effort goes into making that effort invisible. But it all pays off in a unique, high-quality figure that can be both toy and jewellery. **//Sizes//** 14K gold plated the bear Height 40mm W22mm T15mm the Stainless Chain 18 inches<--> 45.7cm **//How to maintain your brass or silver pieces//** Brass or 925 sterling silver is simple to keep shiny: just don’t take off your jewellery when washing your hands or showering. The constant rubbing action from your body and the cleansing action of your normal soap will keep the silver shining. (But do take it off before visiting hot springs; the minerals there can tarnish silver.) When you aren’t wearing a piece, put it in a little ziplock bag to isolate it from air. Silver only gets dark if you don’t wear it everyday. Do not use silver dip (the strong-smelling kind): it actually corrodes the silver and makes it tarnish even faster. We also provide you with a special polish buffer. First use the green side to remove surface scratches, and then use the white side to shine up. (14k gold-plated Space Molly doesn't need the buffer; just use a soft cloth to wipe it clean.) **//Brand Story//** 夏波米 ShabonLee is a Taiwanese brand named after “寶玉”, which means “bubbles” in Japanese and “jewellery” in Chinese. Bubbles look very glossy and appealing, but when the bubble pops what is left? Does true beauty or unspeakable ugliness live behind the mask? The answer depends on you. ShabonLee has three major styles: cute, abstract, and dark. All series feature articulated figures, ready for action as jewellery gear, fantasy toys, or cherished collectables. ShabonLee was created by a young Taiwanese designer who studied at OCAD in Canada, learning how to combine various materials into fashionable accessory items. We got our start in Taipei’s creative markets and now travel to international shows in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Japan, and most recently Thailand -- reaching out to everyone seeking something different and fun. **//Exchange & Refund Policy//** Please Read(


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