RAINY DAY-hand color block stitching waterproof canvas back / pencil case

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Hand made color block stitching waterproof canvas back / pencil case


RAINY DAY-hand color block stitching waterproof canvas back / pencil case


Rainy Day – rainy day. Everyday life is surrounded by high-rise buildings, and the opportunities for contact with the soil are becoming less and less, and the frequency of depression is silently increasing. Then go out and walk! Enter the embrace of nature! Walking into the sullen forest, touching the crystal water drops on the leaves, surrounded by the smell and color of the land, gently breathing the gentle mist, and later discovered that the pressure on the shoulders gradually loosened! In summer, the humidity in the air increases, even if you enter the rainy season, you still have to go out! We have prepared a bag made of a material with a high water resistance coefficient, so you can place your belongings without any worries. The dry bag brings a refreshing mood, and even if the body clothes get wet, the moist air makes people feel uncomfortable. Go out and feel the seasons to experience, the air brings the touch of the skin, while nourishing the dry thoughts. By listening to the clear, clear rain, cherish the time in the urban oasis, deeply immersed in the scenery that is softly focused by the rain, it is a touch of blue, creating a state of relaxation. Then, thanks to the raindrops scouring off the annoying depression, the taste of falling on the soil mixed with the soil, it is a kind of intimate brown, a color that is difficult to copy artificially, can bring the inner comfort and calm color. go! Go out! Enjoy the unique blend of blue and brown this season. Create your own energy and charm in the rainy season! The spliced version is tailored and structured to create a sharp and playful silhouette. Appropriate body size and proportion, low-key but eye-catching collocation. The zipper, snap button and other opening and closing methods show unbridled slickness. Strong and solid canvas feel, revealing the resolute temperament. The high-quality hardware and webbing enhance the overall use. The compact pocket and flap design give a higher level of safety and practicality. The extremely high number of nylon linings enhances the overall protection factor. The use of extremely high-grade waterproof materials highlights the outdoor functions of the package. . Material: . Fabric: high pounds mustard tarpaulin . Fabric: high pounds sky blue tarpaulin . Fabric: high pound light blue tarpaulin . Ribbon: High-density gold-yellow nylon webbing . Hardware: high quality silver white button shackle . Zipper: high-quality silver-white metal zipper . Dimensions - W: 26 x H: 52 x D: 9 (cm / cm)


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