Solo Glass Straw Pouch Set/ Color: Soy Milk Tea/ Wide Straw

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This product includes: 1 pouch, 1 wide glass straw, and 1 nylon brush.


Solo Glass Straw Pouch Set/ Color: Soy Milk Tea/ Wide Straw


This product includes: 1 pouch, 1 wide glass straw, and 1 nylon brush. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- With the slant opening, it's easy to take out the straws. Squeeze the bottom to move the straws up. Hold the upper part of the straw and take it out. Zero contact with the tip of the straw, keeping the straw clean and safe to drink from. Unbutton the three buttons, the pouch can be unfolded entirely for easy and thorough cleaning. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Knowing how much pesticides the traditional cotton farming consume, we choose to use organic fabric. The Pouch, used as a food container, is most suitable place for the pure and pollution-free organic cotton fabric. The more important thing, farmers don't risk their lives exposing to fatal pesticides if they are farming organic cotton. The organic cotton fabrics used in this pouch: <exterior fabric> - from the American brand Birch Organic Fabric. Birch produces their fabrics in India. The farming, weaving, and printing of their fabric all take place in India. Their fabrics have GOTS certification and use low-impact dyes. *Low impact dyes do not contain toxic chemicals or mordants, require less rinsing and have a high absorption rate. High absorption rates and a decreased use of rinse water create less wastewater and runoff. Purchased from tmeador on Etsy. Product Name: Birch Fabrics Organic Cotton CANVAS Solid Shroom (We call it Soy Milk color) <inner fabric> - from Taiwanese brand Azure Canvas Organic Cotton. Product Name: 有機棉楊柳平織布 photos of the fabric: We use Scanfil Organic Cotton Threads for the pouch. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Before Use: 1. Unbutton the three buttons to unfold the pouch entirely 2. Find a big container and some dishwasher 3. Put some water in the container. Pour in the dishwasher and mix thoroughly. 4. Put the pouch into the water. Leave the pouch to rinse for 15 minutes. 5. Discard the water. 6. Wash the pouch with running water. 7. Wring the pouch dry. 8. Line dry the pouch. (button up the upper button and you have a circle to hang up the pouch) 9. The pouch set is ready for use! product dimensions:length 26 cm x width 4 cm materials:organic cotton fabric、coconut shell button、stainless button Made in Taiwan ----------------------------------------------------------------------- We purchased the glass straws and straw brush from Quan Chang (QC)。 QC's glass straws had SGS certifications in 2017. Please see QC's official website for details of the SGS reports. We chose nylon brush because it's hard to make sure whether the wool in the wool brush is produced in a humane way. We ship the glass straws and brush in their original packaging from QC. The Glass Straw Pouch is packed in our own packaging. After receiving the products, please see the user's guide on each and follow the instructions before you start to use it. Specifications of the Glass Straws: *Wide Glass Straw:length 22cm, outer diameter 14mm, inner diameter 11mm(5% allowance in diameter. This one suitable for bubble teas) *Nylon Brush:24cm in length


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