Animal Life Series - (Chao Yujun) Dinosaur - Expanded Stone

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Seeing that the dinosaur is crying sadly, it turns out that the dinosaur egg at the foot of it is broken. The diffused stone with the life of Animal Life is very cool. In addition to making the environment full of fragrance, it can be used as a decoration



Animal Life Series - (Chao Yujun) Dinosaur - Expanded Stone


**"Animal Life Brand Introduction"** The "Animal Life" series is created in the form of anthropomorphic or contrasting, which brings out different levels of fun and intimacy. When projected into the character of the product, it is accompanied by a time of healing and a smile. **"Complete supervision of Chaoyang Junnan"** Each design is completely supervised by "Chao Yu Jun Nan", don't miss your favorite friends! **"About the incense stone"** By using the pore characteristics of cement, it absorbs essential oils and spreads the aroma; you can use your favorite essential oils, drop 3 - 5 drops on the work, and the fragrance will slowly emanate and soothe your mind and body. **"The principle of diffusing incense"** The cement has many capillary pores, which absorb moisture through the capillary pores on the surface and adjust the humidity inside and outside to achieve the effect of expanding the fragrance. When the humidity in the diffused stone is higher than the air, the water will be discharged, and the fragrance will spread out. When the humidity is lower than the air, the moisture will be absorbed from the air, so that the effect of the fragrance is less obvious; Spraying water on the surface or adding a new fragrance will enhance the diffusing function! **"Using a small pipa"** 1. It may be normal to use essential oils to leave traces; if you want to avoid traces, you can pour essential oils on the back that is not visible. 2. The volatilization effect of essential oils is related to the diffusing effect of the essential oil components. 3. Use in moderation and enjoy aromatherapy without excessive. 4. To change the aroma of the essential oil, soak the aroma stone in the water for 2 - 3 hours. After the pores are washed, the fragrance will be changed after drying. **"Cement Notes"** The composition of the cement is very simple. It is mixed and condensed with water mixed sand. During the forming process, many bubble holes of different sizes are naturally formed. In the process of sand and gravel mixing, the color unevenness is also caused, so that each piece of cement The works are unique. The cement works are hand-grinded by hand, and each craftsman feels different, naturally there will be some slight differences. **"Product specifications"** Main material: Taiwan reservoir silt, happy soil infusion type Place of Origin: Taiwan / Handmade Dimensions: about 10.5 cm in diameter x about 12.6 cm in height ※ The product is subject to the actual product, the picture is for reference only. This store only sells diffused stones without dolls. **"The same series of goods"** Lion scented stone:


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