gallery. Warm your heart. Orange Moonstone X South American Brazilian Wax Bracelet

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Orange Moonstone. White crystal. Orange. Brown. Sterling silver. hand made. South American Brazilian Wax Bracelet.



gallery. Warm your heart. Orange Moonstone X South American Brazilian Wax Bracelet


★★ Heart Warming ★★ Orange Moonstone X South American Brazilian Wax Bracelet This bracelet uses high-quality orange moonstone, with a moist texture and pink orange color. The effect is very beautiful. ◇ Gem Knowledge: Moonstone is also called moonstone, and its surface is glittering with different colors due to the moon halo effect, including white light, iridescent light and blue light. In addition to the transparent texture, the other is an opaque moonstone with orange, gray and milky colors. The orange moonstone is from India and has a creamy white halo on the surface. Moonstone's energy is very detailed, as soft as moonlight, it can replenish the energy of our body and mind, restore the balance of inner emotions, and regain peace and harmony. Wearing moonstone can develop intuition and enhance inspiration, so it is widely favored by fortunetellers and spiritual healers. ◇ Material: Orange Moonstone / White Crystal / 925 Sterling Silver / South American Brazilian Wax Line ◇ Size: Orange Moonstone 6.5-10mm / White crystal 4-6mm / Hand circumference about 13-22cm, freely adjustable ▾▿▾▿▾▿ ▾▿▾▿▾▿ ▾▿▾▿▾▿ ▾▿▾▿▾▿ ▾▿▾▿▾▿ ▾▿▾▿▾▿ [Customized Product Description] ►The color and texture of each natural stone are somewhat different. The custom product cannot be exactly the same as the natural stone in the photo, but we will choose the same quality raw materials to make it. ►If your hand circumference "minimum length" is less than 13 cm or "maximum length" is more than 22 cm, please note in the order, the remaining size will be made according to the size of the product description. ►Special size: "Maximum length" exceeds 26 cm or made into anklets, etc., need to be evaluated separately, please write to us before ordering. ►Customized products are produced after payment, and shipped within 2 ~ 5 working days. If there is an urgent need, please write to discuss before placing an order. [Hand circumference description] Each BUHO bracelet has a minimum and maximum size, such as 13-22 cm, which can be adjusted freely. As long as your A and B hands are between 13-22 in length, you can wear them. ►Because the wax thread is slightly flexible, if you are used to wearing it, you are advised to buy a bracelet that is 0.5-1 cm smaller than the actual hand circumference. (For example, if the hand circumference measures 14 cm, you can buy a bracelet with a minimum length of 13 cm.) ►Hand circumference measurement: Take the tape measure around the thinnest part of the wrist (cm), which is the hand circumference, and the tightness can just fit on the hand. [Description of Natural Stone] Each natural stone is the treasure of the earth. After thousands of years, it has formed a special healing energy. Different textures, clouds, ice cracks, and small mines have formed a unique look in this world. This is the charm of natural stones. ►Every stone used by BUHO is a natural crystal ore. It is normal to have clouds, ice cracks, mine defects and defects. Please be sure to accept it before ordering! [About packaging] BUHO handicrafts are shipped in simple packaging. The products are packed in zipper bags for easy storage. If you need gifts, you can purchase jewelry box packaging, please click the following link to purchase:


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