Balance Hydrating Lotion 100ml│For Moisturizing Face After Cleansing (For Oily Skin)

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Suitable for normal or oily facial skin, using plant essential oils and essential oils as the main ingredients: lemon balm and green mint essential oils have calming and soothing properties; rosemary and peach wood essential oils have the characteristics o



Balance Hydrating Lotion 100ml│For Moisturizing Face After Cleansing (For Oily Skin)


▲ The first moisturizer suitable for normal or oily facial skin after washing your face. ▲ A variety of soothing plant extracts to help regulate and stabilize skin condition. ▲ Contains no flavors or pigments, and retains the original aroma of plants. Soothes skin and restores skin to a stable state For skin or oily skin, The strong secretion of skin oils causes the formation of acne or acne. Balancing Hydrating Serum regulates skin condition with plant essential oils with soothing and calming properties, Allows skin to restore balance and stability. ■ Key ingredients: Soothing-lemon balm and green mint extract have calming and soothing properties. Balance-Rosemary and fragrant essential oils have the characteristics of adjusting balance and firming skin. Repair ─ Carrageena corrugus, a type of red algae, repairs and regulates and gives skin basic protection. ■ Application: It is prepared by using several kinds of botanical dew and herb extract without adding water to give proper moisturization to cleaned skin. The herbs in it have the functions of adjusting the luster, stability and oil-water balance of the skin. The best conditioning fluid. ■ Smell: Herbal scent. All the original flavors of plants will be emitted in different levels. ■ texture state: brown liquid. ■ Using touch: Pat it on the skin, there is a slight moisturizing feeling in the water, and the skin's gloss will improve immediately after absorption. ■ Instruction for use: Suitable for moisturizing and conditioning of normal or oily facial skin. It is not a general lotion. It is prepared by using several kinds of plant dew and herbal extracts without adding water. It gives proper moisturization to cleaned skin. The skin has the functions of adjusting luster, stability, and oil-water balance, which is the best conditioning fluid before facial skin maintenance. ■ All ingredients: lemon balm extract, green mint extract, magnolia extract, horsetail extract, deep ocean water, rosemary essential oil, peach wood essential oil, wrinkled carrageen. Melissa Hydrosol, Spearmint Hydrosol, Magnolol Extract, Equisetum Arvense Extract, Deep Ocean Water DOW, Rosemary Oil, Myrtle Oil, Chondrus Crispus Extract. ■ Notes: 1. For external use, if it accidentally gets into your eyes, rinse with plenty of water. 2. Made of natural products. Due to different seasonal harvest, the odor and condition will be different. This is a normal phenomenon and does not affect quality. Please use it with peace of mind. 3. Shelf life: three years, please use it within six months after opening. ----------------------------- ※ Recommended product: Balanced Water Retaining Serum 50ml


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