"Houtong cat village" Taiwan travel wooden hand-made postcards ✉ collage finished product [designer]

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"Houtong cat village" Taiwan travel wooden hand-made postcards ✉ collage finished product [designer]


[Product name] designer collage finished product "houtong cat village" [Material] basswood plywood, cotton rope ] [Product size 15 x 11 x 0.6 cm 【product content】 Floor: houtong station (special section) Accessories (pattern): Monkey cave stop sign, black nose cat owners (special section), temperament cat (special section), cat small lanterns x2 (special section) (More accessories collage has been completed, not modifiers) Wood fight fight small reminder: We follow the natural and highlight the hand-made style, wood carving material edges due to laser vaporization assumes the focal colors or wood shades differences are a normal phenomenon, and that is what we PIN PIN WOOD fight fight a wooden ring product design presentation! https://www.tr.net.tw/upload/download_files/7035d7b340e718812e8ac44a693b0e59.jpg "Patchwork sincere wishes for happiness passing hand. " Not only can send postcard palm temperature, The card is passed to commemorate the blessing and inner secrets! ✍ The mind has been full of creative composition and the colors? Pick a good floor, choose the right accessories, just today the cup of afternoon tea time, Invites you to experience PIN PIN WOOD Wood fight fight hand-made creative DIY fun! ✿ https://www.tr.net.tw/upload/download_files/6d8a957e2004abfd1189cf35beb900e1.jpg What is the finished product [designer]? Designer finished product using special section plate specially designed by our designers and personally text, graphics and other DIY accessories to complete the collage (some models include hand-colored)! Photos of the page is the product you will receive the real product, of course, you can also receive a blank part of the rest of the product after its own color, ready to enjoy the play has broken out of the soul of design, delivery full of hand-made happiness! ♥ https://www.tr.net.tw/upload/download_files/f0bc1f21941d77b0dfd58ea9a9389f2c.jpg How to use the [] customized services? All of our wooden postcards (includes DIY chassis) contains customized services. As long as you provide the name, nickname, or to commemorate the blessing of the word, we will be the designer for your special moment in the lower left corner of the back of the postcard. You can fill in your remarks at the time of purchase specified text, our current text is limited to 25 characters or less (limited English, numbers, symbols in general, blank), fixed font. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan. Designer handmade collage