GF 14K Necklace +Gold Rutilated Quartz-01

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GF 14K Necklace +Gold Rutilated Quartz-01



GF 14K Necklace +Gold Rutilated Quartz-01


GF 14K Gold Necklace + Gold Rutilated Quartzl -01 Size : Chain length : 16" ( 42cm ) Krinkle chain. The effect of the Rutilated Quartz l: symbolizes good luck, everything is flat, the symbol of taste and status. The Rutilated Quartz can effectively strengthen the whole body gas field, establish courage and confidence, can also be used as amulet and lucky charm, and has the function of preventing turbidity and psychic interference. And the energy of the rutilated quartz is stronger than the crystal energy without the hair. Rutilated Quartz has a lot of psychological effects. Lucky and gas gathering, but also the role of avoiding evil and phlegm, the blonde crystal is usually more powerful than the crystal energy without hair. When wearing it, be careful not to overshoot it. It is suitable for people who have a gentle temper and need to be arrogant. People who have a bad temper are still avoiding it. The money is all right, the energy is very strong! It can be used as amulet, lucky charm, especially for people who work at night, or who come in a variety of places where the gas is very dangerous. For example, medical places, special business places, etc., have evil spirits and smash It also has a solution to the interference of some witchcraft or low-level spirits. Rutilated Quartz can enhance people's luck. Those who are indecisive, hesitant, lack of opinion and courage, also have the ability to strengthen their decisive decision-making power and increase courage, especially for leaders or senior executives who often make decisions, wear titanium crystals, and are close to the sun It will have more leadership decision-making ability, lead the subordinates to start an innovation bureau, and achieve extraordinary achievements in the cause. Representing the fortune, it can enhance the wearer's positive wealth and wealth. It also has the meaning of auspiciousness, with a town house and a Buddha. It can strengthen self-confidence and decisiveness, and it will make you more powerful, thus increasing your personal power. The Rutilated Quartz crystallizes its natural growth process and contains the needle-like elements of mineral elements. Because these acicular mineral elements increase the oscillation frequency of the original crystal, the magnetic field is the most in the crystal! Rutilated Quartz can make you more confident. Blonde crystal is quite suitable for people who are not energetic, people who are not energetic, even unable to feel full of sleep, and lack of concentration. It is quite necessary to supplement the magnetic field energy with the blonde crystal; the rutilated quartz strengthens personal belief, self-confidence and decisive power. Give courage to complete the impossible task, the blonde crystal is a powerful symbol, for the timid, cowardly, lack of self-confidence can make the rutilated quartz's powerful energy, make up for the shortcomings! Size additional length : HK$40.00 / 1 inch Mailing Method Note : All mailed by Hong Kong Post Office,. Registered delivery to send the items to protect the risk of mail loss. General countries and regions are free of delivery. If there are some relatively countries, please contact designer first. Country of Origin : Made in Hong Kong


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