Picnic Day-Miyue Gift Box Set of Four / Saliva Towels / Pacifier Clips / Dust Covers / Safe Charm Bags

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Rich granny's hand-made goods are not only good in fabric and style, but also exquisite workmanship is our proud feature! Moms will love it after trying it, and it's absolutely super-faced to give gifts!


Picnic Day-Miyue Gift Box Set of Four / Saliva Towels / Pacifier Clips / Dust Covers / Safe Charm Bags


首选 Preferred Gift Four sets of Miyue gift box containing ① saliva towel ② pacifier clip ③ pacifier dust cover ④ safety charm bag ✿ Saliva towel / bib Your baby secretes a lot of saliva every day, especially when preparing to grow teeth. If saliva stays on the skin for too long, it can easily cause inflammation, so a good saliva towel is very important! Rich granny uses pure cotton and Japanese double yarn on the front and back respectively. The soft materials and delicate workmanship protect the baby's tender skin. The high-cost organic cotton in the middle of the car is hygroscopic, breathable, and warm in winter and cool in summer! ❤ All handmade ❤ Available on both sides ❤ No fluorescent agent 材质 Material: Front-Cotton Reverse-Japanese Double Yarn Sandwich-American Organic Cotton 👉 Size: Petals -30x24cm, two-piece neck circumference 24-28cm, can be used at 360 °, small cape shape on the back Water droplets-18x23cm, two-piece neck circumference 24-28cm, small and cute, very spirited to wear ✿ 2-in-1 pacifier clip (pacifier clip + dust cover) The pacifier often falls to the ground or is missing? Worried about pacifiers sticking to lint and dust? Having a 2-in-1 pacifier clip can solve these problems! Clipped on baby's clothes or saliva towel, no longer afraid to find a pacifier! When not in use, put it in a dustproof case to prevent the hair from sticking. It can also be used as a storage bag alone! Convenient and hygienic ❤ Nipple clip and dust cover can be used separately / combined ❤ General pacifiers and vanilla pacifiers 材质 Material: cotton, Japanese double yarn 尺寸 Size: 24cm (including clip), baby safe length 平安 Safe Charm Bag If you want your baby to carry the safety charm he has requested, just put it in a small safety charm bag with soft material and clamp it on the baby's clothes. Do n’t worry about damaging your skin, causing danger or missing the rope, and it ’s a super cute accessory! In addition to the peace charm, you can also use wormwood, hibiscus, wipes, etc. to avoid evil, or lemongrass, left-hand incense, etc. as a mosquito repellent bag. 材质 Material: cotton, Japanese double yarn 👉 Size: 6x7cm ✱ Maintenance method ✱ It is recommended to wash it by hand and gently rub it. For machine washing, please use a laundry bag. After drying, it can be ironed at low and medium temperature ❤ Each style is limited, and you will run out of fabrics. Do n’t miss it if you like it ❤ The cloth on the reverse side of the clips, buttons and saliva towels is paired with the grandmother. It may be different from the photos. ❤ Due to fear of damaging the baby's skin, all products are temporarily unlabeled, and grandma will continue to find suitable materials


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