Nora Canvas 2way Tote (without inner bag) [Khaki Brown]

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Nora's appearance maintains a simple and classic shape. EverSimple maintains a consistent emphasis on storage. With No. 3 inner pocket, it can have up to 15 storage spaces.



Nora Canvas 2way Tote (without inner bag) [Khaki Brown]


Nora The classic and popular canvas bag, But there is a meticulous storage function. Nora's appearance maintains a simple and classic shape, However, EverSimple maintains a consistent emphasis on storage. With No. 3 inner pocket, you can have up to 15 storage spaces Nora Appearance Classic style with a sense of metropolis, It can be carried by hand or side. Nora details We deliberately narrowed the width ratio of Nora ’s handlebars. So that the casual feeling of the bag is reduced, Increased sense of metropolis Nora has an open pocket on the back, 15 cm in depth, Can put down most mobile phones, Do n’t worry about running out easily. With No. 3 inner pocket, You can have up to 15 compartments. Regardless of the size of the item, Even upright water bottles and umbrellas. You can find your own space. Nora uses a hook design, Let the mouth of the bag not burst. Nora even with No. 3 inner pocket, There are also 3 pockets inside. Cell phones, wallets and other items are suitable for storage inside. With No. 3 inner pocket, 3 internal pocket openings, It wo n’t be blocked and can still be used. Nora can be fitted with a strap, The buckle is hidden inside the bag, Keep the look simple. Use No. 3 inner pocket, The inner bag has the functions of buffering and water repellency. Monocular cameras can also fit into Nora, Use as a camera bag. EverSimple X Aunt Lily Joint brand introduction EverSimple and Taiwan bag factory with 40 years of experience, Co-launch the Aunt Lily brand, In Taiwan, where a large number of bag factories have moved abroad, We hope to make traditional foundries become brands, Let Taiwan's traditional industries also take a new path. Aunt Lily founded the bag factory in 1979. For 40 years now, I have always dreamed of a brand. More than 90% of Taiwan ’s bag factories have moved to low-cost places. But Aunt Lily always wanted to stay on the land where she grew up. Every EverSimple X Aunt Lily bag, They are carefully sewn by masters with more than 20 years of experience. In Vietnam or mainland China, This process may be done by a 20-year-old young man who has only been here for three months. In Taiwan, every process, Both have quality and temperature brought by years of experience. I hope you will like the Aunt Lily brand. We will also strive to bring you practical and quality bags. Nora Spec Sheet Brand: EverSimple x Aunt Lily Co-Brand Model: Nora 28cm in length 22.5cm in height 12.5cm in width Available back method: hand-held, hand-held External storage: 1 Number of internal storage: 3 Maximum storage with No. 3 inner pocket: 15 Weight 300g Main material: canvas Main opening method: hook buckle Can install inner bag: No. 3 inner bag (No. 1 and 2 cannot be installed) Strap length: up to 120cm, shortest 68.5cm Is the strap removable: Yes Is there a bottom plate: None Is the strap removable: Yes Decompression straps: None Body bottom nails: None Origin: Taiwan Other accessories: dust bag


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