[New Year Gift] Toy Story Three-eyed Alien Trio

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[New Year Gift] Toy Story Three-eyed Alien Trio


The good memories are worth remembering again and again, the classic animated movie "Toy Story" (Toy Story) that is widely loved by fans, 25 years have passed since 1995, and the toy characters in An Di’s hands are still charming and popular. In your heart, Which role makes you the most memorable? They are aliens from the mysterious pizza planet. They made their debut in Toy Story 2. When a group of three-eyed monsters got together, There is always a magical magic that you can’t put down, so you can’t help but fall in love with their attraction; entertainment experience brand Beast Country, the Ultimate Heroes (Dynamic 8action Heroes) series, listen to the voice of fans, super cute is launched in "Toy Story" The super-popular character "Aliens" has 2 double and DX version of the trio. The appearance of the characters is restored with high mobility and realism. The meticulous production technology presents the essence of the characters in the animation, and enriches the accessories to enhance the overall realism. Attach the three-eyed monster classic every time "Three/four expression packs" and replaceable hands, whether it’s open mouth laughing, funny twitching mouth, open hand or pointing hand, with movable eyes, ears and antenna structure, make special expressions more lively and interesting, adjust you as you like Various gestures of favorite three-eyed monsters; The DX version of the trio series is more value-for-money. Sliding emoji mouths add more fun and playful gestures. Threesome: ● Three-eyed alien*3 (different expressions) ● Eyes, hands, feet, antennas, and ears are movable ● Replacement hand*5 (open hand*3, grasping handshake*1, indicating hand*1) ● Extra free replacement face*1 (mouth can slide) https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/6073329/0.jpg?ts=180226 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/6073329/1.jpg?ts=180226 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/6073329/2.jpg?ts=180226 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/6073329/3.jpg?ts=180226 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/6073329/4.jpg?ts=180226 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/6073329/5.jpg?ts=180226 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/6073329/6.jpg?ts=180226 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/6073329/7.jpg?ts=180226 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/6073329/8.jpg?ts=180226 Purchase notes: ● The color coating and assembly of the product are mostly handled manually. The slight coating or assembly differences in the production process are normal. ● The product picture may be a prototype of the product, and there may be slight differences with the actual product sold, please forgive me. ● The color of the product may be slightly different due to the computer screen setting, please refer to the actual product. ● The size of the product may vary slightly due to different styles and measurement standards. Please refer to the actual product. ● Avoid direct sunlight, warm, humid, and airtight environments to avoid damage and deterioration of products. ● The product contains small parts/accessories. Please place it where children and pets are not easy to obtain. At the same time, please store the product carefully to avoid the risk of product falling. ● The goods may be delayed due to the change of the delivery date or shortage of goods. In this situation, the company will not be liable for any compensation. ● The delivery process may cause wear and tear on the outer packaging of the product. If you have any doubts, you are welcome to visit the physical store to purchase and avoid related disputes. ● Before ordering this product, please read the product "Return and Exchange Policy" carefully. ● The 7-day appreciation period is not a trial period. If the product is unpacked and used, there is no original packaging, the outer box is damaged, dismantled, and the shortage of accessories/gifts will affect your return rights. ● If you want to return or exchange the product during the product hesitation period, the product must be brand new and packaged, and accessories are indispensable.


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