Mother's Day Flower Ceremony-Diffuse Carnation and Everlasting Hydrangea Table Flower (Original price of 580 for pre-order until 5/2)

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🧡Mother's Day Flower Gift🧡 Wherever you are, it’s home ˙ ˙ ▫️Contents 🔅Diffuse carnation immortal hydrangea table flower*1 🔅Gift box+bag*1 🔅Dry flower card*1


Mother's Day Flower Ceremony-Diffuse Carnation and Everlasting Hydrangea Table Flower (Original price of 580 for pre-order until 5/2)

商品説明 **🧡Mother's Day Flower Gift🧡** **Contents** **🔅Diffuse carnation immortal hydrangea table flower*1** **🔅Gift box + bag*1** **🔅Dry flower small card*1** **❶Product size** Width: 11cm Height: 10.5cm Hand-made, the size will be a little error~ **❷Gift box size** Length: 9cm Width: 9cm Height: 11cm ✿Each box comes with a pack of desiccant~ **➢Precautions** Handmade basins will inevitably have small pores~ But that flower has tried to minimize the stomata~ Acceptable Huabao buy again!!! ❶Flowers are natural materials, not as perfect as plastic flowers. Every flower is different, we will choose the best quality to put in~ ❷Dry flowers will gradually fade and become brittle over time, which are normal phenomena~ ❸The best viewing period for dried flowers is about 6 months when they are well preserved~ ❹The best viewing period for immortal flowers is about 2-3 years when they are well preserved~ **Please don't give negative comments at will~ Be kind and make money~** **I hope to buy a flower treasure. After completing the transaction, if you like it, give it a good comment~** **Will work hard to continue to bring more beautiful flowers to everyone~** **Please read the above and the following verbose~ Please accept it before placing an order~** The following information will be condensed in the save card~ **➢Introduction to dried flowers and immortal flowers** The dried flower is the shape of the flower after the water has faded~the appearance and color have changed The immortal flowers are treated with non-toxic pigments and special preservation solution, which preserves the soft characteristics of the flowers~ Properly preserved, the viewing period is calculated in years~ **➢ Ways of Care and Preservation** ❶ Avoid placing it in direct sunlight for a long time, it will accelerate the time of fading and embrittlement! ❷Flowers are very afraid of water~Don't water~Also avoid putting them in a humid environment! So as not to get moldy ❸If there is dust on the flower, you can use a soft brush to gently sweep it away~ ❹Please place it in a cool and ventilated place, take it or place it, please treat it gently~Avoid shaking and heavy pressure **➢Shopping instructions** ❶The preparation time for the flower gift is 2-3 days, the order is placed on the same day and the payment is completed, and it will be sent the next day as soon as possible (see shipping information) ❷Except for specific holidays, custom flower gifts will be produced in about 3-5 days ❸Bouquets are made for 1-2 days, and they need to be ordered in advance on specific holidays (Valentine's Day, graduation season)~ ❹If the flower materials are in short supply due to seasonality or other force majeure factors, they will be replaced by the equivalent flower materials of the order. If the flower or accessories in the picture are out of stock, they will be replaced by similar containers and accessories. ❺All customized products must be paid in full before they can be produced! ❻If you need a large number of customizations, you can privately discuss "Those Flower FB Fans", and there are exclusive offers or discounts ❼There is no return or exchange service for the sold goods, and no unconditional return within 7 days. Except for major defects, it can be replaced. Please think twice before placing an order~ ❽Photos will be taken before shipment to protect the rights and interests of both parties~ **➢Precautions for delivery** ❶Due to the different attributes of each product, all shipping methods may not be applicable, and the designated options on the product page are the main ones. ❷The actual delivery time, under normal circumstances, can be delivered on time. It may also be affected by force majeure factors such as route, cargo volume, weather, etc., which may cause early or delay. Please forgive me. **Packaging reduction~ Come together~** Choose according to your needs~ Avoid excessive packaging~ The beauty of the product itself is the most important~ **Reuse of packaging materials ~ will not affect the product itself ~**


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